Whats a good price for a soccer ball?


PREMIUM $80-$200

How much is a World Cup soccer ball?

The Adidas Telstar 18 official match ball retail price 165 USD.

What makes a soccer ball expensive?

One of the major differences between expensive and inexpensive soccer balls is the material. For example, inexpensive soccer balls are made up of PVC or a mix of PVC or a mix of PVC and Polyurethane to keep the cost within the budget. On the other hand, expensive soccer balls are made up of pure Polyurethane.

Why are soccer balls different prices?

Some soccer balls are so expensive because they are made from the highest quality materials and are constructed using the best techniques and technology. The cost of an expensive ball reflects the time and skill involved in manufacturing the ball.

What is a Brazuca ball?

At the heart of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is the Brazuca ball – the official match ball of the biggest sporting event on Earth. Made from high-quality materials, the ball has undergone rigorous testing and received outstanding reviews from FIFA regarding its touch, durability and flight.

How many Brazuca balls were exported from Sialkot?

Over 42 million Brazuca balls were exported from Sialkot. Each ball is expected to be sold for around US$160. Adidas unveiled the Brazuca at a launch event on 3 December 2013, two days ahead of the traditional unveiling of the World Cup match ball at the draw of the group stages of the World Cup Final.

What are Brazuca footballs made of?

Combining power and excellence to let all players make winning shots, this Brazuca Glider Football from Adidas is made from butylene and thermoplastic to make it tough and long lasting. Constructed from nylon wound carcass, this football provides a perfect touch and gives great shape retention.

What kind of ball is used in the World Cup 2014?

Specifications: Adidas Brazuca World Cup ball Replica of the official ball which will be used in the World Cup 2014 Taped seams Colorful pattern Tags:footballs, balls, balls world cup, world cup football. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.