What was the very first Mustang?

The first-generation Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford from March 1964 until 1973. The introduction of the Mustang created a new class of automobile known as the pony car….Ford Mustang (first generation)

Mustang first generation
Also called Ford T5
Production March 1964 – June 1973
Model years 1965–1973

When did the Mustang first come out?

April 17, 1964
The Ford Mustang is officially unveiled by Henry Ford II at the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York, on April 17, 1964. That same day, the new car also debuted in Ford showrooms across America and almost 22,000 Mustangs were immediately snapped up by buyers.

What color was the very first Mustang?

March 9, 1964: The First Ford Mustang Rolls off the Assembly Line. Photo: The very first Mustang sold to the public, a Wimbledon White convertible with a blue top.

Is there a 1964 Mustang?

The first official Ford Mustang was a 1965 year model. Even though the Mustang has been in production since 1964, there is no 1964 Mustang.

What engine did the first Mustang have?

On March 9, 1964, the first Mustang, a Wimbledon White convertible with a 260-cubic inch V-8 engine, rolled off the assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan.

What was the first V8 in a Mustang?

Earliest preproduction Mustang, serial No. 1, is a Wimbledon White convertible with a 260-cubic-inch V8 that rolls off the assembly line in early February 1964.

Who owns the very first Ford Mustang?

Gail Wise, owner of the first Mustang sold, displays her car at the Chicago Auto Show.

When was the first Ford Mustang sold in the US?

The Ford Mustang went on sale in 1964 as a 1965 model year. While so many cars have come and gone, the Mustang has been sold every year since. It’s weathered recessions, gas price hikes, and changes in consumer tastes. The Mustang was originally built to be the second generation of the Ford Falcon.

What year was the first Ford Mustang made?

Ford Mustang is First Produced. The Ford Mustang is an automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. It was initially based on the second generation North American Ford Falcon , a compact car. Production began in Dearborn , Michigan on March 9, 1964 and the car was introduced to the public on April 17, 1964 at the New York World’s Fair.

Who made the first Ford Mustang car?

But before any of that came the very first Ford Mustang, now known as Mustang I. When Ford took aim at the younger sports car buyer in the early 1960s, they did it with Mustang 1, a fully functional, hand-built prototype designed by Roy Lunn and crafted by Troutman-Barnes in Culver City , California.