What vocal range is Freddie Mercury?

One study on Freddie’s vocal range even confirmed that he was able to vary from about 92.2 Hz to 784 Hz, meaning he was reliably able to hit notes from the booming low of F#2 to the high pitch G5 – that covers a full three octaves!

What is Freddie Mercury’s highest note?

Freddie Mercury had a wonderful vocal range of 4 octaves. His highest note being a D6 in the songs Impromptu(Tokyo 1985) ,Save me. And his lower notes going as low as F2 in Somebody to love, All dead All dead. But it was not his vocal range that made him and his voice distinct.

What was Freddie Mercury’s lowest note?

Mercury’s documented vocal range extended from bass low F to soprano high F, with many of Queen’s songs showing off his coloratura and vocal strength high in his register. And always those notes came with pure emotion, passion, and musical charisma.

Did Freddie Mercury have a 4 octave range?

While David Bowie and Freddie Mercury both had ranges spanning four octaves, Prince could hit a gobsmacking B6.

Is Freddie Mercury’s style still relevant today?

They all run the gamut of androgynous, royal, cute, and theatrical, each one proving that whether in real life or in fantasy (see what we did there?), Freddie Mercury’s progressive sartorial inclinations still remain relevant years after his death.

What was Freddie Mercury’s most vicious song?

Though a lot of Freddie Mercury’s songwriting reflects his positive, fun-loving side, he showed that he could pen a visceral song with “Death On Two Legs,” which appeared on Queen’s 1975 album, A Night At The Opera. “‘Death On Two Legs’ was the most vicious lyric I ever wrote,” said Mercury.

How many songs did Freddie Mercury write solo?

By the time Freddie Mercury did his solo project, he had been writing songs for nearly two decades. He got into his stride on Queen’s eponymous 1973 debut album, with five completely solo-written songs, including the instrumental “Seven Seas Of Rhye.”

Where can I listen to Freddie Mercury’s songs?

Listen to the best Freddie Mercury songs on Apple Music and Spotify. After his hugely successful career with Queen, Freddie Mercury took a break in the mid-80s to record his solo album, Mr Bad Guy. “I was always keen to do a solo album,” explained Mercury.