What Turbo does the STI use?

The Subaru WRX STI benefits from a turbocharged 2.5L 4-cylinder SUBARU BOXER®, which creates raw power fused with complete poise, on the road and on the track.

Does the Subaru STI have a turbo?

Packed with a turbocharger that works with a large-capacity intercooler to boost output and response, the WRX STI features a high-flow intake and low-restriction exhaust to deliver 310 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque to all four wheels for intense acceleration.

What Subaru engines are turbo?

There are two 2019 Subaru models that are powered by a turbocharged BOXER engine WRX and Ascent. Subaru WRX: The Subaru WRX features two turbocharged BOXER engines. The WRX is powered by a 2.0L turbo four-cylinder with 268 horsepower and the WRX STI utilizes a 2.5L turbo four-cylinder that generates 210 horsepower.

How much whp can a sti handle?

Registered. Your engine and can blow with as little as 300 whp with a bad tune. There are plenty of STIs out there making well over 400whp also, but the general concensus in this forum about how much WHP the STI block can handle is 400whp.

Why is the WRX faster than the STI?

In reality, the WRX makes peak torque at 2000 rpm whereas the STI revs to 4000 rpm to generate peak torque. This results in the WRX having a better low-end grunt. Couple that with the twin-scroll turbocharger and you have reduced lag and better response.

What turbo is in 2011 STI?

Under the hood is Subaru’s trusty 2.5-liter Boxer flat-four, turbocharged to the tune of 305 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque.

What does STI mean in Subaru WRX STI?

STI stands for “Subaru Tecnica International“. It’s basically a better Subaru WRX with performance-tuned engines, transmissions, and suspensions. STI is the division of Fuji Heavy Industry’s that specializes in motorsports. This is the team that worked with Prodrive to develop the first Impreza WRX in the early 1990s.

Does the STI intercooler fit on the WRX?

If you need to use your WRX intercooler inlets, they fit right on to the STI intercooler . This is an adapted WRX Y-pipe. It’s cut in the middle and a length of exhaust tubing installed. This is not the preferred method, but it works.

What is WRX STI?

The Subaru WRX STI is a rally-bred, enthusiast-focused sedan that delivers even more performance than the standard WRX. Increased levels of comfort and refinement mean that it’s now as comfortable doing the daily commute as it is blitzing the back roads.

What is turbo transmission?

Turbo-transmissions are hydrodynamic, multi-stage drive assemblies whose performance is based on the Föttinger principle of fluid dynamics. Torque-converters, fluid couplings and optional hydrodynamic retarders are the key components in these assemblies, which are ideally suited for powered rail vehicles.