What setting should I set my spreader?

Set your spreader so that it’s ¾ open when engaged. If, for example, the spreader is calibrated 1 to 20, set it at 15. Place eight pounds of Milorganite into the spreader’s hopper. This is about one-fifth bag, or 8 lbs., of Milorganite, which is equivalent to 24 cups.

What is the application rate for milorganite?

32 lbs per 5,200 sq ft
MD & MI: Apply Milorganite two times per year at the rate of 32 lbs per 5,200 sq ft (per state regulations)….Southern, Warm-Season Grasses.

When to Apply Application Rate
Memorial Day, mid to end of May 32 lbs per 2,500 sq ft
Labor Day, early September 32 lbs per 2,500 sq ft

How do you calibrate a Lesco spreader?

To recalibrate your LESCO rotary spreader after a period of use, adjust the rate control arm to the ”24” position. Open the operating lever and insert the even-numbered LESCO Calibration Gauge into one of the open holes in the hopper bottom.

Does milorganite need to be watered in?

No, it’s not necessary to water in Milorganite after application, which is one of its great features. It stays on the soil until water and temperature conditions are just right for soil microbes to break down the nutrients in Milorganite for plants to use.

Can you use too much Milorganite?

Yes, it’s possible to apply too much Milorganite, just as it is with any fertilizer, but with Milorganite, you’re not going to face the same consequences. Milorganite will green-up your lawn, just give it a little time. Applying too much fertilizer can also harm the environment.

What are the numbers for Milorganite?

The N-P-K analysis for Milorganite, for example, is 6-4-0: 6% nitrogen; 4% phosphorus; and, 0% potassium, indicating there is less than 1% potassium.

How do you use Lesco?

Lesco Weed and Feed Fertilizer Schedule In the spring, you need to apply the first dose of fertilizer (a pre-emergent weed and feed) once the new grass starts growing and the second dose should be applied 30 days after this. The second dose can be a post-emergent weed and feed if you have a problem with growing weeds.

What does the dial mean on a spreader?

Locate the dial which determines the rate at which the lawn fertilizer is spread when using the Scotts spreader. This is located on the same side as the handle. The dial is typically orange and will have numbers all the way around it from 2 to 15.

Where can I find information about spreader settings for Milorganite professional 50 lb?

For information regarding spreader settings for Milorganite Professional 50 lb bag, visit our Professional Homeowner Settings page. Tip: When using a drop spreader overlap the wheel tracks. Note: Spreader settings are to be used as a guide and will vary according to the rate you walk and the mechanical condition of the spreader.

How do I use a Lesco spreader?

When using a LESCO product, find the designated setting listed on the bag and then cross reference that number to your particular spreader type using the attached documents. Keep in mind that labeled settings on the product bag and those listed within the charts are approximate and should be used as a starting point only.

How do I use a lawn spreader correctly?

For best results, calibrate your spreader. Always use a lawn spreader. NEVER spread product by hand! Mow your lawn before fertilizing. Close the spreader hopper before adding product. Fill the hopper on a drive or walkway to avoid over application, particularly important for herbicides and synthetic fertilizers which can burn your lawn.

How do I use a broadcast spreader?

Tip: When using a broadcast (rotary) spreader divide the spreader setting in half and apply in two directions (north to south and then east to west) to get more even coverage. Note: Spreader settings are to be used as a guide and will vary according to the rate you walk and the mechanical condition of the spreader.

How do you calibrate a sprayer?

To do this, fill the tank only with water and make a pass over pavement. Spray the pavement using the speed (gear), engine RPM, and pressure you used over the calibration course, and then watch the pavement dry.

How do you calibrate a granular spreader?

How to Calibrate a Spreader

  1. Determine the amount of fertilizer needed for 100 sq. ft. For example, the fertilizer bag weighs 25 lbs. and covers 5,000 sq.
  2. Place this amount in the spreader.
  3. Mark off the area. For a rotary spreader, use a 10-foot by 10-foot area (100 sq. ft).
  4. Apply using the suggested setting.

What engine is on a PermaGreen triumph?

HP Honda™
The 2016 PermaGreen Triumph Spreader Sprayer features a fuel-efficient 5.5 HP Honda™ horizontal-shaft engine and wet clutch, a 150-Pound hopper and a 12-Gallon spray tank capable of treating 1 Acre per fill.

How do you calibrate a sprayer calculator?

Fill sprayer with water. Set the sprayer pressure to the level you plan to use in the field and place a collection container under each nozzle. Run the sprayer for 3 minutes and 45 seconds. The cups (8 oz) of water collected equals the gallons per hour (GPH) output of the nozzle.

What setting should I set my Scotts spreader?

For a pushed broadcast spreader, Scotts recommends a setting of 2 1/4 when overseeding and a bare-lawn setting of 4. For application with a handheld broadcast spreader, use a setting of 3 when overseeding and 4 when planting a bare lawn.

How do I contact Perma Green Supreme?

Contact your local dealer or PermaGreen Supreme, Inc. at (800) 346-2001 or via e-mail at [email protected] Perma Green Supreme, Inc. November, 2007 Basic Issue PARTS LIST Refer to the cover page for restrictions regarding reproduction or disclosure of this material.

What should I do if my spreader settings are incorrect?

Improper spreader settings may result in uneven fertilization, turf injury, inadequate pest control, and a waste of time and money. When using a LESCO product, find the designated setting listed on the bag and then cross reference that number to your particular spreader type using the charts below.

What is included in the Permagreen machine manual?

This manual explains machine inspection, operation, troubleshooting, and service, as well as, the safety features of the machine. We at PermaGreen are confident that this machine will provide you with years of excellent performance and durability when operated and maintained as directed in this manual.

Why choose Permagreen?

Apply products with extreme precision and accuracy, leaving you with more money in your pocket. Using a PermaGreen increases your productivity considerably over pulling a hose or pushing a spreader. Better productivity means higher profits, plus more time to do the things that matter to you most.