What ports does Synology hyper backup use?

The required ports for external access are: 6281 (Remote NAS device) 873 and 22 (rsync) 5005 and 5006 (WebDAV)

How do I change the default port for Synology?


  1. Go to Control Panel > Login Portal > Applications.
  2. Double-click Synology Drive.
  3. Under Web Services, you can configure the following settings: Alias: Enter an alias for Synology Drive. Customized port (HTTP) and Customized port (HTTPS): Enable ports according to your needs.
  4. Save the settings.

How do I secure my Synology connection?

What can I do to enhance the security of my Synology NAS?

  1. Enable Security Advisor.
  2. Configure DSM users’ permission settings.
  3. Configure password strength rules.
  4. Set expiration for passwords.
  5. Use multi-factor authentication.
  6. Enable auto block and account protection.
  7. Enable HTTPS connection.
  8. Secure FTP service.

What is the backup port number for Synology 5510?

2. Backup Type Port Number Active Backup for Business 5510 (Synology NAS) 1 Active Backup for Business 443 (vCenter Server and ESXi host), 902 Data Replicator, Data Replicator II, Dat 9999, 9998, 9997, 137, 138, 139, 445 DSM 5.2 Data Backup, rsync, Shared Folde 873, 22 (if encrypted over SSH)

How to sync files between Synology NAS and public cloud services?

To sync files among your Synology NAS and public cloud services, you need to create connections on Cloud Sync to link to the service provider by using your user credentials. On the Cloud Sync user interface, click on the Create icon at the upper-left corner to start the wizard.

How do I connect to the server using cloud sync?

Cloud Sync will connect to the server via http if the URL does not imply http or https. If port number is not specified in the URL, Cloud Sync will access port 80 in http connections, and port 443 in https connections. Yandex: Input your account and password. Google Cloud Storage: Sign in with your user credentials, then Project ID and Bucket name.

How to set up additional ports for PS and Webstation?

Additional ports (only http, not https) for PS and WebStation can be setup on Control Panel – Web Services – HTTP Service. but why are services like /audio or /download accessible over the same port like DSM, but not the photostation???