What nationality is Roddenberry?

AmericanGene Roddenberry / Nationality
Santa Monica, California, U.S. Eugene Wesley Roddenberry (August 19, 1921 – October 24, 1991) was an American television screenwriter, producer, and creator of Star Trek: The Original Series, and its sequel spin-off series Star Trek: The Animated Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

What happened to Roddenberry?

He was 70 years old and lived in Los Angeles. Mr. Roddenberry had been ill for about six weeks and died of a blood clot, said John Wentworth, a spokesman for Paramount Pictures.

How much is Gene Roddenberry worth?

Certainly, creator Gene Roddenberry made his estimated $500 million fortune off of his creation and its many spin-offs.

How much was Gene Roddenberry worth when he died?

Gene Roddenberry Net Worth: Gene Roddenberry was an American television screenwriter, producer and futurist who had a net worth equal to $500 million at the time of his death….Gene Roddenberry Net Worth.

Net Worth: $500 Million
Profession: Television producer, Writer, Actor, Futurist, Pilot, Screenwriter, Police officer, Film Producer

Was Gene Roddenberry in the military?

Once he was finished, the 20 year old Roddenberry enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps. In 1942, he graduated as a second lieutenant, class G. After Pearl Harbor, Roddenberry was sent to the Pacific Theater where he flew with the 394th Bomb Squadron, 5th Bombardment Group of the Thirteenth Air Force.

Is Eugene Roddenberry related to Gene Roddenberry?

Eugene β€œRod” Roddenberry, the sole offspring of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and actress Majel Barrett (Nurse Christine Chapel), took his sweet time appreciating the world into which he was born.

What was Gene Roddenberry last episode?

Gene Roddenberry died at the beginning of the show’s 5th season. “Disaster” (5×05) was the episode airing the week he died. Of course there were a number of episodes in various stages of production at that time.