What is Zinsser 123 primer used for?

It is suitable for use on bare or painted surfaces including wood, drywall, cured plaster, concrete and masonry, stucco, aluminum, vinyl, galvanized metal and PVC. It provides excellent adhesion to dense glossy surfaces, enamel paints and varnishes, paneling, laminates and ceramics without sanding or de-glossing.

How long should Bullseye primer dry before painting?

Dry Time – At normal temperatures Bulls Eye® 1-2-3 will dry to touch in 30 minutes and can be recoated after one hour. Topcoat within 30 days. Lower temperatures, higher humidity, and the addition of tint will prolong dry and cure time of the product. Full adhesion and hardness develop in 7 days.

Should I sand before using Bullseye primer?

Excellent Adhesion Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 will stick to a wide range of surfaces with minimal surface preparation. While proper surface prep is essential, you may not need to sand an unfinished surface to ensure good adhesion. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 will even adhere to some glossy surfaces.

Is Bullseye 123 a good primer?

There’s a reason Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® Bulls Eye 1-2-3® Water-Base Primer is our most popular primer. This premium, whole-house primer-sealer provides outstanding performance indoors and out, with low odor, great flow and leveling and a flexible, acrylic formula.

How many coats of paint do you need after primer?

When painting over primer with your final paint color, apply 2 coats of paint. This ensures durability, a better-looking finished product, and an even color. Use 2 coats of paint over primer when painting new walls, painting over an old color with a new one, and on both interior and exterior jobs.

Do I have to paint over Zinsser primer?

Primer is not formulated to stand up to the elements and should be topcoated within several weeks to ensure proper bonding. If left uncovered for an extended period of time, primer will tend to deteriorate and chalk, which could prevent future coats of paint from adhering properly.

Is BullsEye 123 a good primer?

Can I use Zinsser 123 as an undercoat?

Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Primer is a fast-drying white-pigmented acrylic latex (water-thinnable) undercoat. It is formulated for use on most types of exterior and interior surfaces – previously painted or new work.

Is Bullseye better than kilz?

Both products offer amazing coverage, but Zinsser is the winner as it’s able to cover much better. Meanwhile, Kilz allows some bleed-through, depending on the surface. You may need to apply a thicker coat for the product to cover better.

What is bulls eye primer used for?

Zinsser® BULLS EYE 1-2-3® is a whole house, Universal interior/exterior, water-based stain-killing primer-sealer. Designed for all surfaces such as interior/exterior drywall, concrete, wood and galvanized metal

How many gallons of Zinsser bulls eye are in a 2 pack?

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus 1 gal. White Water-Based Interior/Exterior Primer and Sealer (2-Pack) Zinsser PrimeCoat2 5 gal. White Water-Based Interior/Exterior Multi-Purpose Primer & Sealer

What is the best primer and sealer for interior walls?

Zinsser PrimeCoat2 1 gal. White Water-Based Interior/Exterior Multi-Purpose Primer & Sealer Zinsser 1 gal. Mold Killing Interior/Exterior Primer PPG Gripper 1 gal. White Interior/Exterior Acrylic Primer Sealer KILZ 1 gal.

What is the best Zinsser primer to use?

Zinsser 1 gal. B-I-N Shellac-Based White Interior Primer and Sealer Zinsser Peel Stop 1 gal. White Triple Thick Interior/Exterior High Build Binding Primer Zinsser PrimeCoat2 1 gal. White Water-Based Interior/Exterior Multi-Purpose Primer & Sealer Zinsser 1 gal.