What is under Rosslyn Chapel?

But inside the chapel, beneath the carvings that blanket the walls and ceiling, is a spartan stone crypt that figures into one of history’s most famous mythologies. According to legend, the treasure of the fabled Knights Templar is stowed in a still-deeper vault whose entrance is sealed off by a stone wall.

Can you go inside Rosslyn Chapel?

Rosslyn chapel is actually quite modest in size, but so full of finely detailed stonework that you can easily spend an hour just enjoying the tour and admiring the intricate stonework….Photography is not permitted inside the chapel.

Address: Roslin, Midlothian, EH25 9PU, 0131 440 2159
Shop: Yes

Who is Lady Helen Rosslyn married to?

Peter St Clair-Erskine, 7th Earl of Rosslyn

The Right Honourable The Earl of Rosslyn CVO QPM
Spouse(s) Helen Watters
Children James St Clair-Erskine, Lord Loughborough Lady Alice St Clair-Erskine The Hon. Harry St Clair-Erskine Lady Lucia St Clair-Erskine
Parent(s) Anthony St Clair-Erskine, 6th Earl of Rosslyn

Where is Roslin Castle in Scotland?

Roslin Castle (sometimes spelt Rosslyn) is a partially ruined castle near the village of Roslin in Midlothian, Scotland. It is located around 9 miles south of Edinburgh, on the north bank of the North Esk, only a few hundred metres from the famous Rosslyn Chapel.

What makes Rosslyn Castle so special?

Mainly built around 1450, Rosslyn Castle is situated on a truly dramatic site; on a tree-covered spine of rock rising steeply from the River Esk, which surrounds it on three sides.

What is the Rosslyn Chapel Trust?

Rosslyn Chapel Trust is responsible for the conservation and care of Rosslyn Castle, the ancestral home of the St Clair family, which is just a short walk from the Chapel. The Castle, which is category A listed, is not open to visitors but is available to rent as holiday accommodation through The Landmark Trust.

Who owns the Rosslyn estate?

The Rosslyn estate has been held by the St.Clair family since the Barony of Rosslyn was established in 1070 and its most famous landmark, Rosslyn Chapel, is just a few minutes’ walk away.