What is the three day rule in Three Times Lucky?

The Colonel hates lawyers and even has a sign in the café that says, “No Lawyers.” He and Miss Lana have a three-day rule — whenever either of them is away more than three days, the one who is away must phone so the other knows they are OK.

Who is this in Three Times Lucky?

Three Times Lucky is the story of rising 6th grader Moses “Mo” LoBeau as she grows up in the tiny town of Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, population 148!

What turned life in Tupelo landing upside down?

But when the café’s crankiest customer turns up dead and a city-slick lawman comes to town, Mo’s life in Tupelo Landing turns upside down.

How old is Mo LoBeau?

Eleven-year-old narrator Moses “Mo” LoBeau loves her life in Tupelo Landing, N.C., with the Colonel and Miss Lana, where she helps to run the Colonel’s café. But she does wonder how she came to be rescued by the Colonel, as a baby floating down the river in a hurricane (hence her name).

What is the summary of Three Times Lucky?

“Three Times Lucky” tells the story of a murder mystery in a small North Carolina town, Tupelo Landing, population 148. Mo, short for Moses, LoBeau is the main character and also the narrator. She is an 11-year-old rising sixth grader who was sent downstream on a makeshift raft as an infant.

What are Mo’s chronicles Three Times Lucky?

By Sheila Turnage The book’s title of Three Times Lucky refers to a passage in which Mo talks about her origin story and how she came to live in Tupelo Landing: Some say I was born unlucky that night.

What is the theme of Three Times Lucky?

Friendship. Friendship is one of the most powerful and prominent themes in “Three Times Lucky”. It is mostly shown through Mo and Dale’s friendship.

How old is Mo Three Times Lucky?

Mo (Moses LoBeau) Mo LeBeau is the main character is “Three Times Lucky”. She is an 11-year-old orphan, unofficially adopted by the Colonel and Miss Lana when she arrived in Tupelo Landing as an infant, riding in a basket down the river.

What is the colonel’s nickname for Mo in Three Times Lucky?

Moses “Mo” LoBeau.

What is the ending of Three Times Lucky?

At the end of the story, all of the bad guys are serving time and Miss Lana reopens the café to much fanfare. She explains to the townspeople that she and the Colonel fell in love twelve years ago when he was a lawyer, but that he lost his memory after getting Robert Slate a light sentence (which he always regretted).

What are Piggly Wiggly Chronicles?

The Three Day Rule. That night, Mo pulls out her Piggly Wiggly Chronicles—a series of notebooks that she uses to research her own autobiography.

What level is Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage?

Three Times Lucky (Mo & Dale Mysteries)

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 2 – 8 62217