What is the return policy at Net-A-Porter?

If your purchase isn’t quite right, you can return or exchange your pre-order within 28 days of receipt. Simply sign in to your account to request a return or contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

Does Net-a-Porter offer free returns?

net-a-porter offers free return shipping. While there’s nothing I love more than avoiding shipping charges, returning items at net-a-porter can be a bit of a hassle. For one thing, you have to alert the website first if you want to return an item. Once they get your confirmation, you then have seven days to return it.

Does Net-a-Porter have a physical store?

Luxury fashion retailer Net-a-Porter.com made its first move into bricks-and-mortar last night with an augmented reality pop-up window shop. The stores were open for one night as part of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out event.

How does net a porter work?

Net-A-Porter uploads fashion merchandise (industry jargon for fashion products) 3 times a week with up to 400 items each time. Subscribers to the website are informed of these uploads so that they can stay updated.

Does Net a Porter sell new or used?

It’s a marked shift from the way most of us have engaged with resale in the past: We buy new pieces in one place, then sell them in another. In contrast, Net-a-Porter’s consignment pilot will instantly position every item on its website as one you might eventually sell back.

Is Net-A-Porter trusted?

Net-A-Porter has a consumer rating of 2.22 stars from 155 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Net-A-Porter most frequently mention customer service, credit card and online shopping problems.

Does Net-A-Porter sell new or used?

Who owns net-a-porter?

YOOX Net-a-Porter Group
Net-a-Porter/Parent organizations
NET‑A‑PORTER is part of the YOOX NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP, following the merger of YOOX Group and THE NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP in October 2015. THE NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP LIMITED is a registered company in England & Wales (UK company number 382 0604).

How do I sell my clothes to net-a-porter?

How to resell with NET-A-PORTER x Reflaunt

  1. Arrange a home collection of the items you want to sell, or use our drop-off service – find details of your nearest drop-off location on our site.
  2. Our team of experts will then take photographs, write product descriptions and organize the pricing and listing of your items.

How successful is net-a-porter?

After the merger, the Yoox Net-A-Porter group reported a client base of more than 2.9 million high-spending customers, over 29 million monthly unique visitors worldwide and combined 2016 net revenues of USD 2.5 billion.

What is your return policy for net-a-Porter products?

If you placed an order using our NET‑A‑PORTER Premier service, you will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange a collection. To ensure your return is covered by our free returns policy and reaches us promptly, items must be returned from the same country to which they were delivered.

Is net-a-porter the future of luxury retail?

Net-a-Porter is quite possibly the future of luxury retail. When it launched in 2000, ecommerce and luxury weren’t exactly obvious bedfellows. The high prices, questions around authenticity and the traditional high-touch in-store luxury service were among the reasons that people said customers wouldn’t buy luxury online.

What is net-a-Porter doing now?

Despite macro-economic pressures during the 2009-12 period and apparent saturation amongst high street and luxury fashion retailers, Net-A-Porter has continued to expand. The company moved into the beauty segment and in 2013 registered the domain petite-a-porter.com, for which it plans to launch children’s wear.

Could net-a-porter bring personal shopping to hotels?

Net-a-Porter has even explored bringing its personal shopping service to the hospitality industry via a partnership with The Ned hotel in London. Customers can choose items from an in-room menu and place their requests via reception for delivery within 30 minutes, 24 hours a day.