What is the purpose of a Nylock nut?

The Nyloc nut is an economic locking nut and ideal in applications where vibration or motion could loosen or undo the nut. The nut can also be used to assist sealing the bolt thread against seepage of oil, water, petrol, paraffin and other liquids.

Are Nyloc nuts reusable?

Nylock nuts are the most common and inexpensive self-locking aircraft nuts. These elastic insert nuts are inexpensive and almost infinitely reusable. Nylock nut tensile strength is rated at 125,000 psi with a 250°F temperature rating.

How many times can a Nyloc nut be used?

They provide desirable reusability and can be used assuredly up to fifteen times after an initial fastening.

What grade are Nyloc nuts?

Grade 8
Standard grade 8 nylon lock nuts. Sold individually. A nyloc nut, also referred to as a nylon insert lock nut, polymer insert lock nut, or elastic stop nut, is a kind of locknut.

Do you need a washer with a Nylock nut?

RE: Lock washers with nylock type nuts? Split – spring type lock washers are useless, with or without nylock nut. Use nylock with flat washer.

Can Nylock nuts be used more than once?

For example, Carroll Smith (Carroll Smith’s Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, and Plumbing Handbook) notes that the nylon insert is not damaged by installation and therefore they can be reused many times, and a Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular allows nuts to be reused if the prevailing torque is within …

What material is a Nyloc nut made from?

A Nyloc nut is a locking nut that has a nylon insert at the end which is slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw. The nylon insert deforms over the thread of the screw, creating friction which locks the nut in place. The side of the nut without the nylon ring is threaded onto the bolt first.

Can you torque Nyloc nuts?

The rule of thumb is to add the prevailing torque to the torque value when applying torque to a Nylock nut. This is because the prevailing torque doesn’t contribute to bolt tightening. It is just friction that needs to be overcome.

Who invented Nylock nuts?

Abbott Interfast began producing Nylon Insert Locknuts, also known as nyloc nuts, in 1964 as the first licensee under US Patent No. 2,450,694 for Elastic Stop Nut Corporation of America.

What are nyloc nuts made of?

A nyloc nut is a fastener that incorporates a nylon component to effectively lock the nut into position on the bolt. The nylon component of the nyloc nut has a smaller inside diameter than the actual nut, thereby acting to lock the nut in place by squeezing the nylon firmly around the bolt when tightened.

What are the different types of lock nuts?

There are various kinds of specialised lock nuts, including: Castellated nut. Distorted thread locknut Centerlock nut. Elliptical offset locknut. Toplock nut. Philidas nut. Interfering thread nut Tapered thread nut. Jam nut.

What is the purpose of a nut?

A nut is a small piece of metal hardware, often hexagonal in shape, with a threaded hole in the center. A packing nut is a nut that is threaded onto a plumbing shaft. Its purpose is to hold packing in place, thereby creating a tight seal in the plumbing.

What is a flange lock nut?

Flange lock nuts are one piece, all-metal prevailing torque hex flange nuts. Being all-metal, they are not subject to the temperature and chemical limitations of non-metallic (such as nylon) insert type lock nuts.