What is the postal code for ihiala?

Ihiala/Zip codes

What is Osun State Code?

By postal code

LGA District / Area Postal code
Aiyedade Orile Owu 221103
Aiyedire Ile Ogbo 232103
Aiyedire Kuta 232104
Aiyedire Oke Osun (Alabata) 232106

What is Anambra code?

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LGA District / Area Postal code
Anambra East Nsugbe 432108
Anambra East Otuocha 432101
Anambra East Umuleri 432104
Anambra East Enugu-Otu 432110

What is Unizik postcode?

Unizik, Awka South – Postcode – 420007 – Nigeria Postcode. Find: State: Anambra.

What is Ogun State Postal Code?

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LGA District / Area Postal code
Ogun Waterside Ijebu Manuwa 122107
Ogun Waterside Iwopin 122106
Ogun Waterside Ode Omi 122105
Remo North Isala 121104

Where is Ihiala local government area located?

Ihiala Local Government Area consists of several cities, such as Amorka, Azia, Lilu, Okija, Mbosi, Isseke, Orsumoghu, Ubuluisuzor and Uli. It lies in the agricultural belt of the state.

What is the capital of Ihiala?

Ihiala is a city in Nigeria, located in the southern part of Anambra State and within the region known as Igboland. It has long served as the local administrative capital of Ihiala Local Government Area. The Local Government Area has a population of about 87,796.

Who is the current ruler of Ihiala?

Ihiala is currently represented in the Federal House of Representatives by Honorable Ifeanyi Chudy Momah The Current Oluoha of Ihiala (Traditional Ruler) is Igwe Thomas Ikenna Amuta Obidiegwu. Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju, former Anambra governor.