What is the plot of Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio?

The protagonist on the play “Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio” is a beggar by the name of Serapio. He is a member of a federation and was accused because of breaking their rules. The accusation was dug by a trial with three antagonists.

What is the climax of the story Mang Serapio?

The helpless Mang Serapio gets sullied by his fellow beggars, and his pleas are inevitably to no avail. As it approached a palpably tense climax, everything became anchored on one thing: their plan to gouge Mang Serapio’s eyes out.

Where does the trial of Mang Serapio take place?

It attempts to prime audiences of the eponymous trial, which is just as crude and boorish. The actual trial happens in what seems like an abandoned house, from old wooden panels to the oft vulgar wall graffiti. This is the headquarters for the Federacion, a syndicate of beggars eager to convict the pitiful Mang Serapio (Jacques Borlaza).

What does the doll symbolize to Mang Serapio?

To Mang Serapio, the doll symbolizes the memories of his daughter. It gave him the will to continue his life despite of the fact that his family is gone. The doll is the only thing he have and that it hurts him that it has to be taken away from him. The doll symbolizes the simple happiness that one could get which is something priceless.

What is the story of Serapio all about?

This is the story of Serapio: a story about love but not a love story. Ateneo de Manila High School’s Dulaang Sibol once again brought to life the much anticipated stage play, “Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio” at the Tanghalang Onofre Pagsanghan (Dulaang Sibol Theater).

What was the outcome of the Serapio trial?

The trial was dramatically highlighted by the three prosecutors (Kiko Aurellano, Iggi Siasoco, and Carlo Torres) who violently interrogated Serapio for having a wife and a child, both named “Sol.” In the end, Serapio was punished with blinding for the “crime” he committed against the federation.