What is the national airline of Bahrain?

Bahrain Air was an airline based at Bahrain International Airport. The airline was the first privately owned national carrier of Bahrain. The first flight took off from Bahrain to the city of Dubai on 3rd February 2008. Bahrain Air operated to more than 18 destinations from Bahrain, with an average frequency of 112 flights a week.

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How big is the new Bahrain International Airport in Bahrain?

Bahrain International Airport’s $1.1 billion new passenger terminal began operations on 28th January, marking a new era for the Kingdom of Bahrain’s aviation sector. At 207,000 square metres in size, it is roughly quadruple the old terminal. The new, expanded, airport will have the capacity for handling about 14 million passengers per year.

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What are the precautions taken at Bahrain International Airport (BIA)?

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) has implemented all precautionary measures at Bahrain International Airport (BIA) to ensure the health and wellbeing of passengers, staff, and the protection of public health in the Kingdom. The procedures include the screening of passengers’ temperatures upon entering the airport, including all arriving passengers.