What is the history of Assam Rifles?

The Assam Rifles came into being in 1835, as a militia called the ‘Cachar Levy’. With approximately 750 men, this Force was formed to primarily protect British Tea estates and their settlements against tribal raids.

What is the Assam Rifles-Mizoram Govt stand-off?

The stand-off between the Mizoram government and the Assam Rifles began on August 18, when 15 personnel of the force’s 46th Battalion allegedly forced their way into the State ignoring COVID-19 safety protocols.

What is the Assam Rifles public school?

The Assam Rifles Public School is a much sought after education institute in the North East. The role of the Assam Rifles continued to evolve when in 1950 a devastating earthquake hit the Assam region and the force was called in to assist in the reconstruction of the areas and help in the resettlement and rehabilitation of those affected by it.

What is the rank of the Assam Rifles force commander?

As the numbers of the force and the number of battalions gradually increased, the rank of the force commander was also upgraded until now it is that of Lieutenant General. The present Director General of the Assam Rifles is Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh AVSM, SM, of the Bihar Regiment.

During the 1965 India – Pakistan war, the Assam Rifles filled the void in Nagaland and Manipur created by the Army units which moved for operations in the West. During the 1971 India – Pakistan war, Assam Rifles was deployed for internal security duties in Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

Who is the present Director General of the Assam Rifles?

The present Director General of the Assam Rifles is Lt Gen Pradeep Chandran Nair, AVSM, YSM. Prior to 1965, this force was under the Ministry of External Affairs, who were looking after NEFA affairs. It was transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs when the latter took over this responsibility.