What is the frame around a fireplace called?

The fireplace mantel or mantelpiece, also known as a chimneypiece, originated in medieval times as a hood that projected over a fire grate to catch the smoke. The term has evolved to include the decorative framework around the fireplace, and can include elaborate designs extending to the ceiling.

Should a fireplace mantel be wider than the fireplace?

Size It Up The mantel should not be shorter than the length of the fireplace, and should leave at least 3 feet above the mantel for decor. A 42-inch fireplace will probably have a mantel width of 54 inches. The mantel should not be so wide that it reaches anything else, like a wall, window or door.

What are the parts of a fireplace mantel called?

The fireplace mantel comes in two major parts: the lower mantel and the optional overmantel. The main parts of a lower mantel include the shelf, legs, header, inner trim, and hearth. The main parts of the overmantel are crown and wall cladding tiles.

What are the sides of a fireplace called?

Jamb—The side of a fireplace opening. Smoke shelf—A shelf below the smoke chamber and behind the damper.

How do you accessorize a mantle?

For an easy fireplace mantel decorating idea, hang a mirror in the middle and a sconce on either side. Anchor the mantel with a larger vase in front of the mirror and fill in with smaller accessories, such as vases, candlesticks, and decorative objects. Pick up on colors and materials found elsewhere in the room.

How deep should your mantel be?

A depth of 7 inches is ideal for most mantels, as it allows plenty of room to accommodate decorative objects. Keep in mind that the top and the sides of the mantel should be the same depth.

What type of wood is used for mantels?

Walnut is a popular choice for fireplace mantels. It is a harder and heavier type of wood than most and is extremely durable. The rich dark brown wood is an excellent for an impressive fireplace mantel. Hickory is also a great choice for a fireplace mantel if you are going for a unique look.

How to build a custom fireplace mantel?

Spread a canvas drop cloth onto the floor in front of the fireplace.

  • Cut three poplar boards to size to form the vertical pilasters and horizontal frieze of the fireplace mantel.
  • Join the boards together with glue and pocket screws.
  • Rout a rabbet into the back edges of the mantel so that it will overlap the wall tiles that surround the fireplace.
  • How high should mantel shelf be above fireplace?

    A 6-inch mantel should be 15 inches away. An 8-inch deep mantel should be 17 inches above the fire box, and a 10-inch mantel needs to be 19 inches above the fireplace.

    Does a fireplace need a mantle?

    Fireplace Mantles. Some fireplaces have mantles while others do not. A fireplace mantle is a wonderful way to dress up a fireplace so if your fireplace does not have one, you can always have one added. In fact, fireplace professionals and home contractors agree that a fireplace mantle is a good investment.

    What is the standard size of a fireplace mantle?

    The common fireplace mantle is 5-6 feet wide (60″ – 72″, and when you hang the picture above the fireplace mantle, a print is placed higher, than when displayed on a regular wall. A framed artwork or canvas print could range between 30″x24″ to 40″x30″ for the best effect. Keeping with a rule of 2/3 – 3/4 the size of the mantle.

    What is a fireplace insert surround?

    The area around the opening of a fireplace is called the fireplace surround, and can be made from a number of different materials including wood, stone or metal. The fireplace surround was then removed, leaving behind the cast iron fireplace back panel and the gas fireplace insert.

    What is the thing in front of a fireplace called?

    The hearth refers to the horizontal floor area of stone directly in front of the firebox opening. A hearth is usually as wide as the firebox and the legs combined.

    What can I use around my fireplace?

    Material Choices for a Fireplace Surround

    • STEEL. Steel is one of the most popular fireplace surround materials.
    • WOOD. Wood is a less obvious choice for a fireplace surround than steel..
    • STONE.
    • BRICK.
    • TILE.

    How easy is it to change a fireplace surround?

    The fire surround is often the easiest place to start, as you don’t need to worry about gas pipes or brickwork. Here, some paint, new accessories or even a whole new surround can go a long way when you need an easy fireplace update.

    Do I need a fire surround?

    Fireplace surrounds can be an essential part of any fireplace, whether it’s traditional open fireplaces, gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves.

    What is the difference between a wood fireplace and an insert?

    Inserts are much smaller than fireplaces again because they are designed to fit into the opening, they will have much smaller glass fronts for the same reason. Inserts are designed to replace the inefficient wood fireplaces with new, cleaner burning appliances inside of them.

    How large should a fireplace surround be?

    A mantel should extend a minimum of 3 inches beyond the firebox opening. If the fireplace has facing around the opening, the mantel can also extend 3 or more inches beyond that. Do not guess when sizing the mantel to a room, or the mantel could wind up being too long or too short.

    How high should mantle be over fireplace?

    Mantel Height: We recommend installing the mantel 4.5′ from the floor. This allows room for stockings during the holidays. Most housing codes and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) state that the bottom of the mantel must be at least 12” away from the top of the fireplace box.

    What is the best outdoor fireplace?

    The Char-Broil Portable Fire Bowl is also one of the best outdoor fireplace kits. It’s small and round, and, once the fire is burning, it will remind you of a campfire. It’s perfect if you want a small, outdoor fireplace that you could place anywhere.

    How do you make an outdoor fireplace?

    Build an Outdoor Fireplace Step by Step Obtain a building permit. Find your gas line. Choose a design or kit. Build the foundation. Install the kit. Apply veneer masonry. Connect the gas line. Add spark arrestor.

    What is an outdoor fireplace?

    An outdoor fireplace is a place for building fires outside of the home. Similar in construction to an indoor fireplace, an outdoor fireplace is usually added to a stone, brick, or concrete patio. It often consists of a firebox and a chimney.

    What is an outdoor furnace?

    Buying a Wood Furnace. An outdoor wood furnace is a furnace that burns wood or pellets to heat water (or air) for use in hot water (or warm-air) heating systems. For people with a ready supply of firewood a wood-fired furnace can be a safe and economical way to reduce home energy costs.