What is the film shadow of doubt about?

Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotten) visits his relatives in Santa Rosa. He is a very charming man, but his niece slowly realizes that he is wanted for murder and he soon recognizes her suspicions. Although one of the suspected murderers is killed and the case is considered closed, she still has her suspicions.
Shadow of a Doubt/Film synopsis

Was the movie Shadow of a Doubt based on a book?

Shadow of a Doubt is a 1943 American psychological thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and starring Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotten….

Shadow of a Doubt
Story by Gordon McDonell
Produced by Jack H. Skirball
Starring Teresa Wright Joseph Cotten Macdonald Carey Patricia Collinge Henry Travers

Why was Shadow of a Doubt Hitchcock’s favorite?

But why was this film Hitchcock’s favorite? Hitchcock’s daughter, Pat, said, “this was my father’s favorite movie because he loved the thought of bringing menace into a small town” in the documentary Beyond Doubt: The Making of Hitchcock’s Favorite Film (2000).

Who played Herbert in Shadow of a Doubt?

Hume Cronyn
Travers was in his late 60s and Collinge around 50 when the film was made, and they look on the old side for Ann and Roger’s parents but about right for the movie’s apple pie symbolism. The next door neighbor, who drops in without knocking, is Herb (Hume Cronyn, in his movie debut).

Why does Uncle Charlie visit his sister’s family out in Santa Rosa?

The Newton family leads a quiet life in Santa Rosa, California. The Newtons’ eldest daughter “Young Charlie” decides to invite her Uncle Charlie to visit to brighten things up. When she gets to the telegraph office, she discovers that he’s already on his way.

What is the MacGuffin in Shadow of a Doubt?

The “MacGuffin” is a type of plot device used by Alfred Hitchcock in most of his films, including Shadow of a Doubt. A MacGuffin is an element in the plot that serves no other function than to motivate the characters and instigate the plot.

What does beyond the Shadow of a Doubt mean?

DEFINITIONS1. used for saying that you are completely certain of something. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that something bad had happened. Synonyms and related words. Ways of saying you are sure.

What does beyond the shadow of a doubt mean?

What did Alfred Hitchcock say at the end of his show?

At the end of the episode, Leonard mimicks Hitchcock’s way of closing his shows while the theme from “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” plays. Crow: “Good evening, and welcome to ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents. ‘”

Where is Alfred Hitchcock in Shadow of a Doubt?

Hitchcock’s cameo in Shadow of a Doubt occurs about 16 minutes into the film, where he appears playing cards on the train carrying Uncle Charlie to Santa Rosa.

What is the MacGuffin in shadow of a doubt?

How did shadow of doubt end?

Shadow Of A Doubt resolves with a happy ending, but it could be happier. By accepting the proposal of one of the policeman who helped bring her uncle to justice, young Charlie gets absorbed back into the community that she started the film in rebellion against, however mild that rebellion.

When did shadow of a doubt come out on TV?

Shadow of a Doubt (1991) 1h 40min | Drama, Thriller | TV Movie 28 April 1991. Charlie is a young woman who is thrilled that her favorite Uncle Charlie is coming home for good. But she soon discovers that her namesake, a “Wall Street financier,” has a deep, dark

What is the plot of shadow of a doubt?

Shadow of a Doubt (1991) Charlie is a young woman who is thrilled that her favorite Uncle Charlie is coming home for good. But she soon discovers that her namesake, a “Wall Street financier,” has a deep, dark

Is shadow of a doubt Hitchcock’s favorite film?

Hitchcock’s cameo. When later interviewed by François Truffaut, Hitchcock denied the suggestion that Shadow of a Doubt was his “favourite”. But in the audio interview with Truffaut, Hitchcock confirmed it was his favourite film, and later reiterated that Shadow of a Doubt was his favorite film in his interview with Mike Douglas in 1969…

How many times has shadow of a doubt been remade?

The film has been remade twice: in 1958 as Step Down to Terror, and again (under the original title) as a 1991 TV movie in which Mark Harmon portrayed Uncle Charlie. Shadow of a Doubt served as the inspiration for Park Chan-wook’s 2013 film Stoker.