What is the discography of Mötley Crue?

The discography of Mötley Crüe, a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, consists of nine studio albums, three live albums, three EPs, six compilation albums, two box sets, nine DVD, 30 singles, and 32 music videos.

Where does Mötley Crüe rank on the 1994 Superunknown album list?

In July 2014, Guitar World ranked Mötley Crüe at number 25 in their “Superunknown: 50 Iconic Albums That Defined 1994” list. All lyrics are written by John Corabi and Nikki Sixx; all music is composed by Corabi, Sixx, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee, except where noted.

Why did Mötley Crüe break up?

Following the success of the Dr. Feelgood and Decade of Decadence albums and tours, the members of Mötley Crüe were tired and needed to take a break from the non-stop pressures of the road.

What happened to Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe?

Mötley Crüe is the self-titled sixth studio album by American hard rock band of the same name. It was released on March 15, 1994, and is the only album that does not feature lead singer Vince Neil, who had departed from the band in 1992. Neil was replaced by former The Scream vocalist John Corabi on the album.

What is the meaning behind Motley Crue’s ‘Wild Side’?

With ‘Wild Side’, Motley Crue creates a haunting song of eerie contradiction. The darkly cynical lyrics are juxtaposed with upbeat guitars and even an anthem march. Passages of ‘Wild Side’ are open to interpretation as either menacing or hopelessly overwhelmed: But in true Crue fashion, this song ends on a note of self-possession and even triumph:

When did Mötley Crue become glam metal?

Following the hard rock and heavy metal origins on the band’s first two albums, Too Fast for Love (1981) and Shout at the Devil (1983), the release of its third album Theatre of Pain (1985) saw Mötley Crüe joining the first wave of glam metal.

Did Mötley Crüe ever tour with poison?

Mötley Crüe co-headlined a mid-year tour with Poison and special guests New York Dolls in 2011 for the band’s 30th Anniversary and Poison’s 25th anniversary. On August 30, 2011, Mötley Crüe, along with co-headliners Def Leppard and special guests Steel Panther, announced a UK Tour commencing in December 2011.