What is the biggest deer killed in Illinois?

Illinois land manager and whitetail expert Don Higgins joined that elite group on October 30th, when he arrowed a buck he’d named “Mel.” The 220-inch whopper was Higgins’ third 200-plus-inch buck, and almost as impressive was the history Higgins had with this 4-year old Prairie State trophy. Here’s his story.

What part of Illinois has the biggest bucks?

The Golden Triangle of Illinois — Pike, Brown, and Adams county, collectively nestled between the Mississippi and Illinois River — has long been the primary destination for this caliber of whitetail bucks.

Is Illinois good deer hunting?

Overall, there is a lot of good deer hunting in Illinois. You just might have to pay a little more for it. Plus, if you can find access to private land, chances are good it’ll be a honey hole. The Illinois DNR does a phenomenal job managing its herd.

Is deer hunting in Illinois good?

Is it legal to bait deer in Illinois?

Springfield, IL – Deer hunting is not for the impatient. In fact, leaving food or food products as bait for wild deer is against state law. It carries a fine of up to $1,500 and the loss of your hunting privileges.

What is a public record in Illinois?

Illinois Public Records. It means any member of the public has the right of access to any information produced by a government body and deemed not subject to confidentiality legislation. There is a host of reasons why one would need public records, from professional purposes, to academic research or journalistic investigations,…

What is the state tree of illionis?

White Oak or Native Oak is the state tree of Illinois. The scientific name of Illinois’s state tree white Oak is Quercus alba. Quercus is the genus of the white Oak and Q. alba is its species.

Is Deer Park in Illinois?

Deer Park is an affluent village in Lake and Cook Counties in the U.S. state of Illinois. The population was 3,102 at the 2000 census.

What is the Illinois State ID?

Illinois State ID Card Requirements. An Illinois ID card is issued by the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles and can be used as official identification both in Illinois and throughout the U.S. Your ID card varies depending on your age and circumstances, but the requirements are generally the same.