What is the best radio station for news in India?

Top India Radio Stations

  • ISHQ 104.8 FM.
  • 92.7 Big FM.
  • Radio City Ghazal.
  • Club FM.
  • Radio Mango 91.9 FM.
  • All India Radio News.
  • Bollywood Punjabi Radio.
  • ABP News.

Where can I listen to All India Radio news?


  • Address: Prasar Bharati House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi – 110001.
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Phone number: +91-11-23421300.
  • Wiki.

How can I use All India Radio in UPSC?

The aspirant should listen to the topic that is being discussed first and then decide if you should listen and download it. The best time to listen to All India Radio news is 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The finest plan is to have your dinner during this news time.

What is FM and AM in radio?

AM (amplitude modulation) and FM (frequency modulation) are types of modulation (coding). The sound of the program material, usually coming from a radio studio, is used to modulate (vary) a carrier wave of a specific frequency, then broadcast.

What are the top 10 radio stations in India?

Top internet radio stations. Radio Vividh Bharati. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Tamil. SLBC Thendral FM. Tamil. Ilayaraja Super Beats Radio. Tamil Panpalai FM. Air Tamil. Nesaganam Tamil Online Radio – karaikal. ATBC. Then Hindi. BBC Hindi Radio. Hindi. Radio India 1600 AM. Love. Radio Umang. Nuke

What is All India Radio (AIR)?

AIR (All India Radio) Description: AIR broadcasts 3 main bulletins in a day in English. These are Morning News at 0815 hrs, Midday News 1400 hrs and News At Nine 2100 hrs to give updates to our listeners in Urdu. Click the following link to listen to news in English.

Which is the best news channel in India for English learners?

New Delhi Television is, and has been for over two decades, a pioneer in India’s news television. It is today the most watched and the most respected news network in India. superb radio for english learners.. Good radio station but station is automatically off when phone locked.