What is the best medicine for impotence?

Typically, sildenafil (Viagra) is the first drug that doctors prescribe for erectile dysfunction. However, other effective medications may include Stendra (avanafil), Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil).

What is the latest treatment for impotence?

Second line therapies for erectile dysfunction include alprostadil injections; two branded examples are Caverject and Viridal. For these therapies, aprostadil, which is the same chemical produced by an erect penis, is injected into the shaft of the penis to help blood flow.

Can impotence be cured permanently?

In summary. So erectile dysfunction can be cured, but it depends on the cause. Some causes of ED are easier to “cure” than others. But, with the right diagnosis, support, and treatment, it’s possible for ED to go away without the need for ED medications like Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil).

Can I take tadalafil daily?

Tadalafil (Cialis) is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs. Its major appeal? The drug comes in low-dose versions that can be taken daily. This means you can have sex at any time, rather than needing to take a pill from time to time as needed like other ED brands.

Is 5mg of tadalafil enough?

Conclusion. A daily dose of 5mg tadalafil can be safely used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and LUTS, that prolongs the ejaculatory latency time.

How to treat impotence naturally at home?


  • Ginger:
  • L-arginine:
  • Korean Red Ginseng:
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise:
  • Onion:
  • Almonds:
  • Garlic: (tỏi)
  • Can impotence be treated successfully?

    Impotence caused by psychological factors may get better on its own. But treatment is needed if the problem is caused by a physical factor. In general, the outlook for men with impotence is excellent. Most cases of impotence have medical causes that cannot be cured. Still, many treatment options will help restore sexual function.

    How to cure impotence without pills?

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: 6 Ways To Naturally Overcome Impotence 1. Walk 2 Miles in Your Own Shoes 2. Move Your Nether Regions 3. Get Needled 4. Take Some ‘Herbal Viagra’ 5. Take This Amino Acid Found in Your Body 6. Drink Watermelon Juice

    How to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently?

    Cure Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Weakness Naturally and Permanently. Massage Oils: Massage oils are available for massaging the male organ to increase the blood circulation. This helps to cure erectile dysfunction and sexual weakness. The oil needs to be massaged above the prostate gland gently.