What is the Arkansas 1115 Waiver Program?

The Section 1115 waiver in Arkansas was the first in the country to allow a state to use funds from Medicaid to pay for private insurance coverage for eligible residents.

What is Arkansas Waiver Program?

The DDS Alternative Community Services (ACS) Waiver assists persons with disabilities in Arkansas. The ACS Waiver serves individuals with ID/DD of any age who meets institutional level of care eligibility, financial eligibility, and who has an opening (slot) in the program.

Who is eligible for Arkansas works?

Who can get Arkansas Works insurance through the Medicaid program? Arkansans ages 19-64 who have a household income of up to 138 percent of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for their household size may be eligible for Arkansas Works. ​The FPL amount is set by the federal government.

What is the federal government’s purpose in granting the 1115 pathway to coverage demonstration waiver to the state of Georgia?

Specifically, CMS announced the approval of Georgia’s new Medicaid section 1115 demonstration called “Pathways to Coverage.” The demonstration is designed to create a pathway for working-age Georgia adults who are ineligible for Medicaid to opt into Medicaid coverage by participating in qualifying activities like work …

How can a family member get paid to be a caregiver in Arkansas?

The Arkansas Independent Choices (IC) program is a member-directed option for seniors and disabled adults that follows the Cash and Counseling model. While one’s spouse and legal guardian cannot be hired, other family members, including the adult children of aging parents, can be paid for providing care.

Is Arkansas works and Ambetter the same thing?

Arkansas Works is a Medicaid program that offers eligible Arkansans private health insurance coverage. The insurance is offered through qualified health plans from Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield, Arkansas Health & Wellness (Ambetter), and Qualchoice.