What is the active ingredient in XLS-Medical?

XLS-Medical fat binder’s active ingredient is Litramine™ which binds readily with dietary fat from food and becomes a large fat fibre complex. This fat-fibre complex is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine and is eventually excreted from the body.

Does white kidney bean extract block carbs?

Background: A proprietary fractionated white bean extract of Phaseolus vulgaris has been shown in vitro to inhibit the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase. This may prevent or delay the digestion of complex carbohydrates, potentially resulting in weight loss.

What is a starch blocker?

What Are Starch Blockers? Starches are complex carbohydrates that cannot be absorbed unless they are first broken down by the digestive enzyme amylase. Amylase inhibitors, also called starch blockers, prevent starches from being absorbed by the body.

Can you take XLS-Medical without eating?

We recommend you take the tablet immediately after a meal for the best fat-binding results. If you can’t, try to do so within 30 minutes of eating.

How long do XLS-Medical take to work?

With XLS-Medical, you could see measurable results in just four weeks. We recommend completing the full 12-week programme for the best results though.

How do you remove carbs from beans?

Beans, Beans: Gas-reducing Tips Researchers suggest discarding the soaking and cooking water to remove some of these nondigestible carbohydrates [58].

Can you take too much white kidney bean extract?

Other white kidney bean extracts also seem to be safe when used for up to 3 months. Eating large amounts of fresh Phaseolus vulgaris bean husks is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. Raw husks contain chemicals called lectins. These chemicals can cause stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Are carb blockers legit?

As far as side effects are concerned, carb blockers are considered very safe. However, when carbs are fermented by bacteria in the large intestine, the gasses they release can result in a number of uncomfortable side effects. These can include diarrhea, bloating, flatulence and cramping ( 1 , 5 ).

What specific enzyme is blocked by starch blockers?

Starch blockers inhibit the intestinal digestive enzyme, alpha glucosidase, which slows CHO absorption giving your body more time to handle all the CHO in your meal. This medicine primarily helps lower your after-meal blood sugars.

How does XLS medical carb blocker work?

Like other carb blockers (also called starch blockers) XLS Medical Carb Blocker is purported to work by blocking alpha-amylase, which digests carbohydrates. Instead of the carbohydrates being digested and absorbed by the body, they pass through the digestive system and are subsequently eliminated.

Can carb blockers help you lose weight?

XLS Medical Carb blocker has the potential to aid in weight-loss and weight-loss maintenance by blocking the digestion of carbohydrates and the absorption of calories derived from carbohydrates. There is at least one study that seems to support the effectiveness of the main ingredient and it is naturally derived, GMO-free and vegetarian safe.

What are the ingredients in XLS medical?

Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Chlorophyllin, Litramine Fiber, Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Vitamin D3, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Croscarmellose Sodium. XLS Medical contains Litramine Fiber, which aids weight loss by creating a sense of fullness.

What is the active ingredient in XLS-medical fat binder direct?

Active ingredient: Litramine™, a patented fibre complex of organic plant source (prickly pear). Excipients: Xylitol, natural fruit juice powder, citric acid, colloidal silicon dioxide, natural-identical flavour, magnesium stearate. XLS-Medical Fat Binder Direct has a well-established safety profile and tolerability.