What is the 28 week ultrasound for?

An ultrasound of your baby at 28 weeks shows a head that is large in proportion to her body; at birth, a human baby’s brain accounts for a whopping 12 percent of his body weight. Your baby already has the 100 billion or so brain cells she’ll have at birth.

Is 28 week ultrasound necessary?

Even though you’d probably love to get a peek inside that 28 weeks pregnant belly, it’s simply not necessary to have more than a couple ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy, unless the doctor has a reason to monitor you extra carefully.

Can a baby be OK at 28 weeks?

Survival rates for infants born at 28 weeks gestation is between 80-90 percent. Babies born at 28 weeks old only have a 10 percent chance of having long-term health problems.

What is the average weight of a baby at 28 weeks pregnant UK?

Average fetal length and weight chart

Pregnancy week Length (inches) Weight (ounces)
27 weeks 14.4in 1.9lb
28 weeks 14.8in 2.2lb
29 weeks 15.2in 2.5lb
30 weeks 15.7in 2.9lb

Do you need a growth scan for the NHS?

Nigel Thomson, Professional Officer (Ultrasound) for the Society of Radiographers (SoR) stresses that NHS growth scans are always done for a reason – you don’t need one unless you’re told you do. “If the scan is being done on the NHS, it’s being done for a clinical reason.

When is the best time to have a scan?

If you have a scan during your 3rd trimester, it’s called a ‘growth scan’ or ‘wellbeing scan’ – which is done to take your baby’s measurements, and assess their health. In April 2019, researchers at the University of Cambridge also recommend that all pregnant women have an additional ‘breech scan’ at 36 weeks to check on the baby’s position.

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What should I expect at my 28-week antenatal appointment?

Your baby keeps putting on weight, as more and more fat appears under the skin. At your 28-week antenatal appointment, your midwife or doctor will: discuss the results of any screening tests from your last appointment Heartburn or acid reflux is common in pregnancy. It can be uncomfortable but isn’t harmful.