What is NicAssist?

Boots NicAssist 15 mg Inhalator provides a safer alternative to smoking for you and those around you, as it is the toxins in cigarette smoke that cause harm, not the nicotine. Reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke may also help you to become more motivated to stop smoking.

Is boots NicAssist sugar free?

None of the gums contain sugar (sucrose) or animal products.

Are nicotine inhalers any good?

How effective is an Inhalator? Nicorette® Inhalator is a clinically proven stop-smoking NRT format. In fact, when compared with willpower alone, NRT has been shown to double your chances of quitting for good. In addition, as Nicorette® Inhalator eases cravings, it can also help your motivation to quit.

How do you make a nicotine inhaler?

The nicotine inhaler is only available as a prescription from your doctor. This is different from some of the other nicotine quit products on the market, like nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges.

How long does a nicotine inhaler cartridge last?

Each cartridge can be used for approximately eight 5-minute sessions, with each cartridge lasting approximately 40 minutes of intense use. The more the subject is able to use the inhalator, the easier it will be to achieve maximum reduction of cigarettes and/or quit smoking completely.

What advantage does a nicotine inhaler have over an e cigarette?

As with any nicotine-containing product, the inhaler has some risks since you’re inhaling nicotine. However, the inhaler provides a much lower dose (4 mg) versus smoking a cigarette. It’s also less harmful.

Is Nicorette inhaler bad?

Some unwanted effects you may notice when you start to use NICORETTE® Inhalator for the first time include hiccups, sore throat, increased saliva in your mouth, mild indigestion or heartburn. Other commonly reported side-effects include dizziness, vomiting, or sore mouth.

How long does a nicotine inhaler last?

Each cartridge lasts for approximately 40 minutes of frequent puffing.

Can you buy a nicotine inhaler over the counter?