What is MMEL in aviation?

The master minimum equipment list (MMEL) is a list established for a particular aircraft type by the organisation responsible for the type design with the approval of the State of Design which identifies items which individually may be unserviceable at the commencement of a flight.

Who approves the MMEL?

(1) Aircraft Evaluation Group (AEG). The AEG is the FAA office responsible for the development and publication of an approved MMEL for those aircraft within its area of responsibility. (2) Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM). The AFM contains the operational limitations and performance standards for an aircraft.

What is the legal basis for a Mel?

Master Minimum Equipment List
A Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) is an approved document created specifically to regulate the dispatch of an aircraft type with inoperative equipment. It establishes the aircraft equipment allowed to be inoperative under certain conditions for a specific type of aircraft and forms the basis for MEL.

Where is the minimum equipment list?

You will mostly find MELs in aircraft operating under Part 121, 125 and 135.

What does MMEL stand for?

Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL): A master list of items on an aircraft that are allowed to be inoperative under specific conditions without impacting the safety of flight. The MMEL is established by the aircraft manufacturer and approved by the national aviation authority.

Does a Cessna 172 have a Mel?

Doc Holliday Pattern Altitude. Doubt your 172 has a MEL. A Cessna 172 MEL has to be developed from the generic SE MMEL, then submitted to the FSDO for approval. Bell206 likes this.

What is the difference between Mel and Mmel?

Their difference is that the MEL is formulated for a particular operator and a certain aircraft or a few aircraft, whereas the MMEL is formulated for all aircrafts of this type. The MEL of the operator shall be based on the MMEL of a specific aircraft type and model approved by the authorities.

What is difference between Mel and CDL?

While the MEL describes the limitations of aircraft operation in case of a system being inoperative/having malfunctioned (e.g. transponder failure), the CDL deals with situations where external parts of an aircraft are missing/fallen off (e.g. fairings, aerodynamic seals or panels).

What is a Koel aviation?

As the name implies, the Kinds of Operations Equipment List (KOEL) is a list of equipment installed in an aircraft that specifies for which kinds of operations a specific piece of equipment is required. The KOEL is used as part of the process of determining if an aircraft with inoperative equipment is airworthy.

What is altitude engine?

Altitude engine means a reciprocating aircraft engine having a rated takeoff power that is producible from sea level to an established higher altitude. Balloon means a lighter-than-air aircraft that is not engine driven, and that sustains flight through the use of either gas buoyancy or an airborne heater.