What is mistrustful mean?

: lack of trust or confidence : a feeling that someone is not honest and cannot be trusted. mistrust. verb.

Why is being distrustful bad?

The negative emotions that emerge with distrust—fear, suspicion and anger–cause the trustor to vilify and demonize the other party, and can even produce paranoid cognitions.

What makes someone distrustful?

The feeling when you think that someone is not truthful and does not have good intentions. You feel distrust when you suspect that someone may mislead or cheat you for their own gain. Certain social interactions involve putting some part of your wellbeing in the hands of another person.

What does Untrust mean?

Definition of untrusting : not having or given to confidence in something or someone : not trusting untrusting of the police.

What does barren woman mean?

incapable of producing offspring
a : incapable of producing offspring —used especially of females or matings barren women. b : not yet or not recently pregnant.

Can you have a marriage without trust?

A marriage that lacks trust is surely headed down the road to divorce. Without trust, spouses will never feel comfortable in the relationship. They may be constantly expecting the worst from their partner. Not only is this an unhappy way to live, but it is also stressful and exhausting.

What does unpleased mean?

: not happy or satisfied : not pleased unpleased with the children’s behavior …

Is Untrust correct?

noun Lack of trust; distrust.

What is the dictionary definition of distrust?

Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/distrust. Accessed 11 Sep. 2021. : a lack of belief or confidence in : suspicion The enemies eyed each other with distrust.

What is the meaning of profound distrust?

Distrust is the feeling of doubt that you have towards someone or something you distrust. What he saw there left him with a profound distrust of all political authority. [+ of] …a decision that should help to dispel much of the atmosphere of distrust. Synonyms: suspicion, question, doubt, disbelief More Synonyms of distrust.

What does it mean to have a lack of trust?

: lack of trust or confidence : a feeling that someone or something is not honest and cannot be trusted

What happens when you have trust issues in a relationship?

Bad habits – Trust issues can often lead to problematic behavioral patterns in your life. It’s easy to suppress our emotional feelings by over-eating, drinking too much, or other addictive behaviors. Distrust can spread through a relationship like a wildfire.