What is Jon Krakauer known for?

Jon Krakauer is a preeminent writer of narrative non-fiction. His numerous bestsellers include Missoula, Where Men Win Glory, Under the Banner of Heaven, Into the Wild, and Into Thin Air. He is editor of the Modern Library Exploration series.

How did Jon Krakauer get into writing?

Krakauer later wrote an article for the now-defunct British magazine Mountain telling of his experience at Devils Thumb. This article was his first compensated writing. He continued writing pieces for various magazines, and in 1983, he was able to give up his two part-time jobs to work as a freelance writer full time.

How old was Jon Krakauer when he climbed Everest?

How old was Jon Krakauer when he climbed Everest? Jon took part in a guided ascent of Mount Everest in 1996 at the age of 42.

Who inspired Jon Krakauer?

Krakauer soon became obsessed with the outdoors, and especially with mountaineering. One of his early influences was David Roberts, a climbing writer who he met in college in the early 1970s (Plummer 1997). In 1977, Jon met Linda Moore, a former climber in Denver, and they married three years later (Plummer 1997).

How old was Krakauer when he first climbed?

eight years old
Son of a doctor and amateur mountaineer, Jon Krakauer was born on April 12, 1954, in Brookline, Massachusetts, and grew up in Oregon, where he began mountain-climbing at eight years old.

How did Jon Krakauer know Chris McCandless?

Krakauer knew McCandless followed a snowmachine trail to the bus that would have looked the same as the snowmachine trail branching south to the cabins just before reaching the bus. Krakauer wrote an introduction for the McCandless’ family book.

How old was Krakauer when he made his first climb?

Did Jon Krakauer go to college?

Hampshire College
Jon Krakauer/College

Author, Missoula After graduating from Hampshire College in 1976, Krakauer divided his time between Colorado, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest, supporting himself primarily as a carpenter and commercial salmon fisherman. For the next two decades, however, his life revolved around climbing mountains.

What happened to Jon Krakauer on Everest?

But Jon Krakauer says the ill-fated 1996 Mount Everest expedition he joined as a writer for Outside magazine was the “biggest mistake” of his life. Four members of Krakauer’s expedition, along with several climbers from other groups, died in May 1996 after a severe storm roared over the world’s highest peak.

How old is Jon Krakauer?

67 years (April 12, 1954)
Jon Krakauer/Age

What is Jon Krakauer’s writing style?

Climb that goddamn mountain.” Into Thin Air written by Jon Krakauer, was a novel that specialized in keeping your attention throughout the suspenseful end. The adventure/suspense genre really worked for his lay of the facts style writing. He displayed the idea of drop everything you are doing and go.