What is electronic logging devices system?

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD or E-Log) is a piece of electronic hardware attached to a commercial motor vehicle engine to record driving hours. An ELD monitors a vehicle’s engine to capture data on whether the engine is running, whether the vehicle is moving, distance driven, and duration of engine operation.

What is the best e log?

  1. KeepTruckin ELD. Best all around.
  2. Garmin eLog. Best for long term investment.
  3. Samsara. Best for fleet management features.
  4. GPS Trackit ELD. Best for avoiding contracts.
  5. Gorilla Safety ELD. Best for document management.
  6. Omnitracs ELD. Best for variety of features.
  7. DriveELD. Best for the basics.
  8. Rand McNally ELD 50. Best for easy setup.

How much does an electronic logging device cost?

As of today, the average price of an ELD is about $495 per truck according to the FMCSA, with a range of $165 to $832 per truck annually. This makes ELDs much less of a cost factor than other expenses such as fuel, tractor-trailer equipment, permitting costs, and liability insurance.

How does the electronic logbook work?

An electronic logbook, also called an “elog,” automatically captures data on driver status that previously drivers reported manually on their paper RODS. The electronic logging takes place automatically using a connected IoT device that ties into the vehicle.

Who invented Elogs?


Example ELOG web pages
Developer(s) Stefan Ritt
Stable release 3.1.4-2 / 2018-09-26
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web application

Are Elogs mandatory?

According to the FMCSA, this rule puts all motorists at an advantage because the new technology will increase federal law compliance and help reduce accidents and save lives. From December 18th, 2017, commercial bus and truck drivers are required to adopt ELDs.

How much is ELD Monthly?

At the time, the FMCSA estimated the costs at $41.25 per month, per truck. Fast forward to today. Prices have plummeted. Hardware is less expensive, and some providers are even providing full-featured apps, which can start at low as $15 per month, per vehicle.

What is Elog server?

The Electronic LogBook (ELOG) is a utility built-in the web server. It is available and operational once the web-server is running. A dedicated button “ELOG” will be present on the main Midas status page for creating new entries.

How long have Elogs been around?

ELD Mandate History In the mid-1980s, motor carriers first started using ELDs to record hours of service for drivers.

Who sells electronic logging devices?

With over 150 years of experience, Rand McNally is a company that has been producing navigation systems, maps, and travel contents for decades. They have recently tapped into the vehicle technology market, providing low-cost, straightforward electronic logging devices for professional drivers.

What does an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) really log?

What Is An Electronic Logging Device (ELD)? ELD’s are electronic devices that automatically record a driver’s hours of service. Such technology allows for accurate recordkeeping of electronic logs. An ELD device tracks a truck’s engine and captures data on its movement, whether the truck is in motion or idling.

How do Electronic Logging Devices work?

An electronic logging device, or ELD, is an in-cab device that records critical data on vehicle movement, vehicle status and driver status. Data is collected on hours of service (HOS), engine runtime and idle time and vehicle reports are shared to a web-based counterpart in the home office.

What is an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) used for?

Electronic logging devices can help your delivery business by doing the following: Improves driver accountability Staying FMCSA compliant Increase routing and delivery efficiency Maintain vehicle usage Save money by reducing overtime 24/7 location tracking Automated reporting Lower insurance costs