What is Dirigente in Italy?

“Dirigenti” are the highest category of employee, defined in Italy mainly by specific collective agreements, comprising workers who are in charge of running the enterprise or a large and independent part of it, with full autonomy within the employer’s general directives (i.e. the employer’s alter ego ); also includes …

What is a Quadro in Italy?

Quadro means manager, and these employees are usually subject to Dirigente level employees. It is a status which was ruled by article 2095 of the Italian civil code. Examples for Quadro positions are: Junior managers, Account managers, supervisors.

What is Italian Ccnl?

Statutory terms and conditions of employment in Italy are based on the Contratto collettivo nazionale di lavoro (CCNL), a state collective employment agreement. The CCNL defines the terms and conditions of employment between Swisscom’s Italian subsidiary Fastweb and its employees.

What is leadership meaning in English?

leadership noun [U] (CONTROL) the quality or ability that makes a person a leader, or the position of being a leader: The company was extremely successful under Murphy’s leadership. Leadership is also the people who are in charge of a government or group: the Democratic leadership in Congress.

Can you fire someone in Italy?

The Italian Legislation grants comprehensive protection to employees in the case of termination of the employment contract by the employer. In any case of termination of the employment, the employee has the right to provided with a severance pay (“Trattamento di Fine Rapporto”). …

What is the probation period in Italy?

six months
Probationary periods are common in Italy and the length varies depending on the terms of the applicable CBA. The maximum term of probationary periods is six months.

How is 13th month pay calculated in Italy?

In other countries, 13th month pay is calculated as part of the annual salary. The following formula is applied: annual base salary / 13 = 13th month pay. This is the case in Italy or Brazil.

Can minors work in Italy?

Employment protections The Constitution protects women, minors, the elderly, the ill, the disabled and those hurt on the job. It protects those who strike and those who assemble. The minimum working age in statutory law is fifteen, but civil law varies.

Can you fire an employee in Italy?

What is the standard notice period in Italy?

3: Length of notice period at different tenure durations (a) Length of notice period is provided by each collective agreement In most collective agreements (e.g. collective agreement of metal workers, tourism industry, textile workers, chemical workers, trade industry, food industry) notice is as follows: 9 months …

What is the meaning of dirigente?

1. (person who directs) a. leader (in a trade union or a political party) El dirigente del sindicato rechazó la oferta de aumento salarial para los trabajadores.The leader of the labor union rejected the pay rise offered to workers. b. manager (in a company)

Why did the group reivindicó El papel dirigente?

El grupo reivindicó el papel dirigente que desempeñó el partido en la revolución.The group claimed that the party had played a leading role in the revolution. La nombraron en un cargo dirigente debido a su vasta experiencia. She was appointed to a management position on account of her vast experience.

What is the meaning of the name Christmas?

1 : a Christian feast on December 25 or among some Eastern Orthodox Christians on January 7 that commemorates the birth of Christ and is usually observed as a legal holiday 2 : christmastide Other Words from Christmas Example Sentences Learn More About Christmas Other Words from Christmas

What is the etymology of the word dirigere?

Etymology: [L. dirigens, p. pr. of dirigere. See Direct, a.] the line of motion along which a describent line or surface is carried in the genesis of any plane or solid figure; a directrix Etymology: [L. dirigens, p. pr. of dirigere.