What is Bosnia and Herzegovina language?

Bosnia and Herzegovina/Official languages

What is the language of Malaysia?

Malaysia/Official languages
The official and national language in Malaysia is Malay, or Bahasa Malaysia, and is “the basis for national integration.”1 However, the Government of Malaysia recognized the importance of English as an international language and added that “measures will be taken to ensure that English is taught as a strong second …

How did Malaysia help Bosnia?

The bilateral trade between the two countries are currently expanding, with Malaysia’s main exports to Bosnia and Herzegovina composed almost entirely of electronics and electrical products, while imports from Bosnia and Herzegovina consisted mainly of furniture and aluminium.

Is Bosnia an English speaking country?

Until the 1990s, the common language was called Serbo-Croatian and that term is still used in English, along with “Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian” (BCMS), especially in diplomatic circles….Bosnian language.

bosanski / босански
Pronunciation [bɔ̌sanskiː]
Native to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ethnicity Bosniaks

Is Bosnian language same as Serbian?

The languages referred to as “Bosnian” “Croatian” and “Serbian” are one common language, albeit with different dialects. The truth is, despite Dalmatian being so different even to Croats in Zagreb, a Sarajevan can perfectly understand them.

How many dialects are there in Malaysia?

ten dialects
There are also words borrowed from English, mainly for scientific and technological terms. There are altogether ten dialects of Malay; Bahasa Malaysia, Kelantanese, Terengganuan, Kedahan, Sarawakian, Bajau, Negeri Sembilan Malay, Banjar, Bruneian and Indonesian.

Where is Malay spoken?

Malay language, member of the Western, or Indonesian, branch of the Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian) language family, spoken as a native language by more than 33,000,000 persons distributed over the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, and the numerous smaller islands of the area, and widely used in Malaysia and Indonesia …

How can I go to Bosnia from Malaysia?

The quickest way to get from Malaysia to Bosnia and Herzegovina is to fly which costs RM 1500 – RM 4000 and takes 17h 33m. How far is it from Malaysia to Bosnia and Herzegovina? The distance between Malaysia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is 9229 km. The road distance is 12420.3 km.

Is Bosnian and Serbian the same language?