What is another phrase for ground rules?

What is another word for ground rule?

rule tenet
fundamental regulation
axiom stipulation
reg bylaw
modus operandi point of departure

What is another word for rules of conduct?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rules of conduct, like: decorum, diplomatic code, etiquette, code-of-conduct, custom, formalities, guideline, manners, protocol, social code and social procedures.

What is a fancy word for discussion?

What is another word for discussion?

debate conversation
seminar symposium
negotiations palaver
parley review
talks argumentation

How do you introduce ground rules in a meeting?


  1. State views and ask genuine questions.
  2. Share all relevant information.
  3. Use specific examples and agree on what important words mean.
  4. Explain reasoning and intent.
  5. Focus on interests, not positions.
  6. Test assumptions and inferences.
  7. Jointly design next steps.
  8. Discuss undiscussable issues.

How do you set up ground rules for a meeting?

The 10 Ground Rules for Meetings

  1. Show up on time and come prepared.
  2. Stay mentally and physically present.
  3. Contribute to meeting goals.
  4. Let everyone participate.
  5. Listen with an open mind.
  6. Think before speaking.
  7. Stay on point and on time.
  8. Attack the problem, not the person.

What is a synonym for requirements?

synonyms for requirement

  • concern.
  • condition.
  • demand.
  • need.
  • obligation.
  • precondition.
  • prerequisite.
  • provision.

What word means a rule of conduct or action?

code of conduct. custom. decorum. diplomatic code.

What are some examples of ground rules?

24 Examples of Ground Rules

  • Park Distractions.
  • Respect Time.
  • Listening.
  • Step Up, Step Back.
  • Communicate to be Understood.
  • Get to the Point.
  • Stay on Task.
  • Time Boxing.

What are the 10 ground rules for meetings?

The 10 Ground Rules for Meetings. 1 1. Show up on time and come prepared. Be prompt in arriving to the meeting and in returning from breaks. Be prepared to contribute to achieving the 2 2. Stay mentally and physically present. 3 3. Contribute to meeting goals. 4 4. Let everyone participate. 5 5. Listen with an open mind.

What is another word for ground rules?

Synonyms for ground rules include fundamentals, basics, essentials, rudiments, crux, foundations, preliminaries, base, bedrock and core. Find more similar words at

How do you make sure meeting rules are followed?

Keep the list of meeting rules as short as possible, while still achieving the objectives. If the rules are too many, it is easier for participants to forget them. Single slip-ups can usually be given a pass. Repeats may require the ground rule being restated.

How many ground rules do you have?

Ground rules help to define expectations and drive productive behaviors, it’s important that they’re aligned to the realities of life in your company. And 11 ground rules is probably too many! 1. Finish 5 minutes early Get into the habit of scheduling meetings to finish at :25 or :55, and make sure you finish on time.