What is a ZOPP?

ZOPP is the acronym for the German expression “Zielorientierte Projektplanung” or objectives oriented project planning. It is a planning methodology (a set of instruments and procedures) for addressing the planning function in the process of managing a development project through its life cycle.

What is objective oriented project planning?

Objective Oriented Project Planning (OOPP) is a participatory planning technique, in which all parties involved identify and analyse the problems to be addressed in the project, and prepare a concrete and realistic project plan together.

What are the two methods of goal oriented project planning?

The Goal Oriented Project Planning (GOPP) method consists of the tree analysis technique and the Logical Frame-work approach.

Why should project management be goal oriented?

Goal Directed Project Management allows both project non-experts and experts to participate effectively and appropriately. It also reduces the paperwork to a minimum and lets the project leader focus her/his attention on the most critical issues for the success of the project.

What adjective is used to mean goal oriented?

Words related to goal-oriented aggressive, determined, earnest, energetic, enthusiastic, resourceful, anxious, ardent, aspiring, avid, ball of fire, climbing, come on, come on strong, designing, desirous, driving, eager, eager beaver, enterprising.

What is the logical framework?

A Logframe is another name for Logical Framework, a planning tool consisting of a matrix which provides an overview of a project’s goal, activities and anticipated results. It provides a structure to help specify the components of a project and its activities and for relating them to one another.

What are the five stages of a project?

Developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the five phases of project management include conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project close.

What are the 4 phases of the project life cycle?

This project management process generally includes four phases: initiating, planning, executing, and closing. Some may also include a fifth “monitoring and controlling” phase between the executing and closing stages.

What is goal-oriented process?

Goal orientation is the degree to which a person or organization focuses on tasks and the end results of those tasks. Strong goal orientation advocates a focus on the ends that the tasks are made for instead of the tasks themselves and how those ends will affect either the person or the entire company.

Is planning goal-oriented?

Planning is goal-oriented. Planning is made to achieve desired objective of business. Planning identifies the action that would lead to desired goals quickly & economically.

What is logical planning?

A 1-page summary of why a project is carried out, what the project is expected to achieve, how it will achieve the results, which factors are crucial and a sense of what it will cost. Several variations exist.

How is Zopp used in project management?

In its initial form, ZOPP was created to be closely tied to the project cycle; hence, it has mostly been used in a variety of sector and country settings for project work. The two main component tools of ZOPP-the stakeholder workshop and the PPM-can also be used for the participatory planning of policy and economic sector work. Return to top

What is the output of a Zopp session?

The main output of a ZOPP session is a project planning matrix, which stakeholders build together. The purpose of ZOPP is to undertake participatory, objectives-oriented planning that spans the life of project or policy work to build stakeholder team commitment and capacity with a series of workshops.

What is objectobjectives-oriented planning?

Objectives-oriented planning assumes that joint analysis and planning is necessary throughout the project cycle. If instituted early in the life of a project, ZOPP can provide a ready forum for extensive participation of diverse stakeholders. ZOPP is also a helpful approach to jump starting stalled project initiatives.

What does GOPP stand for?

ZOPP : Goal Oriented Project Planning The ZOPP approach ((Zielorientierte Projektplanung, or GOPP- Goal Oriented Project Planning – as it is sometimes presented in English) is used and promoted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ- German Technical Cooperation).