What is a slogan for water Pollution?

Following are 15 Water Pollution Slogans for the measures to be followed by individuals from every section of the society and all age groups. Don’t make the water sick, stop pollution quick. Remove the trash, let the water splash. Keep the water clean; don’t be mean. Wait and think, save water to drink.

What word rhymes with pollution?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
retribution 100 Noun
restitution 100 Noun
absolution 100 Noun
electrocution 100 Noun

What is pollution slogans?

Pollution Slogans: Pollution is the process of causing land, water, air, or other parts of the environment foul and not safe or suitable to utilize. Pollution can occur by introducing a contaminant into a natural environment, but it doesn’t need to be tangible.

Are these slogans adequate to impact society positively?

These slogans are adequate to impact society positively. 1. Instead of being a part of the pollution, try to be a part of the solution. 2. You can increase your life span by reducing the environmental pollution. 3. Pollution is lethal, so please beware before polluting our society.

What should kids know about pollution?

Kids must know about causes of pollution. Teach your kids about causes of pollution and prevention methods. Polluters are hidden killers, punish them. Don’t be a polluter, be a hero and act to reduce pollution. Polluters are rivals of nature’s beauty, punish them.

How to make “no pollution” Your New Year’s resolution?

Make “No Pollution” your new year’s resolution . Keep calm & stop pollution . No pollution is the only solution . Say no to pollution and live a healthy life . Stop pollution, be quick; Don’t make the earth sick . Stand up against pollution . Love your wife & don’t pollute the nature . Plastic may be Fantastic but Green is Clean