What is a self-retaining retractor?

Self-Retaining Retractors. Self-retaining retractors have locking mechanisms that keep the blades apart and in place while spreading the edges of the incision and holding other tissue in place, thus freeing the surgeon’s and assistant’s hands for other tasks.

Is a Balfour retractor self-retaining?

The Balfour retractor is a famous self-retaining retractor that has been used over the years during laparotomy procedures (Figure).

Are Weitlaner retractor self-retaining?

The Weitlaner (also known as West Retractor) is a self-retaining, finger ring retractor with a cam ratchet lock and 3×4 sharp or blunt interlocking teeth.

What are the types of retractors?

The two basic types of retractors are the hand-held and the self-retaining forms. The hand-held retractors allow an assistant to move tissue out of the way of the surgical instruments and protect the vital structures during the procedure.

What is a Bennett retractor?

Novo Surgical’s Bennett Bone Retractor is designed for use in retraction of bone during surgical intervention. It features a large handle that features a rounded tip for ease in handling. The head of this piece is available in two widths 45.0 mm and 65.0 mm making it versatile enough for small and large bones.

What is a Richardson retractor?

Richardson Retractor is a 9-1/2″ long retractor that can be used during procedures, such as chest or abdominal, to grasp soft tissue using the curved blade. The Richardson Retractor is available with a grip handle, a lamb handle, or a standard hollow loop handle.

What is a Richardson in surgery?

Abstract. Vaginopexy according to Williams and Richardson is an abdominal colposuspension by strips from external oblique aponeurosis.

What is Israel retractor?

Novo Surgical Israel Retractor is a popular instrument used during orthopedic surgeries to retract heavy tissue within the body. The blades resemble a rake and are offered in several widths and depths.