What is a post acute care hospital?

In short, post acute care facilities include long-term hospitals, inpatient rehab facilities, home health agencies, and skilled nursing facilities. These guidelines are designed to improve patient care in hospitals and ensure all issues are addressed and treated adequately before the patient is discharged.

What are examples of post acute care facilities?

Post-acute care settings include long-term care hospitals (LTCHs), inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and home health agencies.

Is Reading Hospital part of Tower Health?

Reading Hospital is the flagship, Magnet Recognized, acute care hospital of Tower Health. With more than 1,000 physicians, specialists, and advanced practice providers across 49 locations, Reading Hospital has been recognized for its quality outcomes and clinical expertise across services lines.

What hospitals are part of Tower Health?

With more than 14,000 team members, Tower Health consists of Reading Hospital, a teaching hospital in West Reading; Brandywine Hospital in Coatesville; Chestnut Hill Hospital, a teaching hospital in Philadelphia; Jennersville Hospital in West Grove; Phoenixville Hospital in Phoenixville; Pottstown Hospital in Pottstown …

What is the goal of post acute care?

It can last anywhere from days to months, depending on the severity of the illness and how long it took to recover. It’s also called continuing care or rehabilitation services. The primary goal of post-acute care is to prevent another hospitalization or major complication that could be life-threatening.

What is the goal of post-acute care?

Is Reading Hospital private or public?

The Reading Hospital is a 738-bednon-profit teaching hospital located in the borough of West Reading, in the US state of Pennsylvania.

How many employees does Reading hospital have?

Tower Health brings together more than 11,000 team members, 2,000 nationally recognized physicians, specialists and providers across 65 convenient locations.

Is post-acute care inpatient?

Depending on the intensity of care the patient requires, treatment may include a stay in a facility, ongoing outpatient therapy, or care provided at home. Post-acute care settings include inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units, long-term care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies.

What is a post acute hospital?

Post acute rehab refers to a medical treatment program aimed at returning patients who have suffered severe injuries back as close as possible to their pre-injury state. The term ‘post acute’ acknowledges that the patient was previously at an acute. care facility, normally a hospital.

Is St Charles acute rehab?

About St. Charles Rehabilitation. St. Charles Rehabilitation is Long Island’s rehabilitation leader, boasting both an acute rehabilitation hospital in Port Jefferson, New York and nine distinguished outpatient rehabilitation network locations across Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

What are acute care rehab facilities?

An acute rehab center is designed for high-level rehab needs , typically requiring more than three hours a day of physical, occupation, or speech therapy. Sub acute rehab (SAR) centers are usually most appropriate for people who need less than three hours of therapy a day, thus the label of “sub acute,” which technically means under or less than acute rehab.

What is acute rehabilitation?

Acute rehabilitation is an intensive form of medical rehabilitation in which patients receive three or more hours of core therapies per day (physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy).