What is a MicroScan?

Abstract. The MicroScan WalkAway is an automated bacterial identification and susceptibility testing system that has only recently been marketed in Australasia.

What are MicroScan panels?

MicroScan Rapid ID panels provide definitive identifications for routine and clinically significant organisms in as little as 2.5 hours. Rapid ID coupled with your hospital antibiogram provides rapid empirical therapy guidance when needed.

How does the BD Phoenix work?

The BD Phoenix Automated Microbiology System is a broth based microdilution method that utilizes a redox indicator (colorimetric oxidation-reduction) to enhance detection of organism growth.

What is the Microscan panel guide?

Our MicroScan Panel GuIDe helps ensure you get the right solution for your laboratory. Choose the antibiotics, Gram and panel types that support your specific formulary. Our specially designed tool will quickly identify the MicroScan panel options that best meet your criteria.

Why choose Beckman Coulter Microscan?

Beckman Coulter was recognized with an IMV ServiceTrak™ Award for Best System Performance in the AST/ID Modality category for the MicroScan WalkAway family of instrumentation.

How do I search for information in a MicroScan database?

The program supports all current MicroScan identification databases. To begin your search, select a panel classification, identification level and identification database, then enter the biotype number to obtain the requested information.

What is the DXM Microscan Walkaway system?

The DxM MicroScan WalkAway microbiology system includes LabPro Information Manager software designed to simplify workflow and minimize technologist interaction, while accommodating differing regional and institutional environments through extensive customization features.