What is a good score on color switch?

The highest score in the game 999, however, real players show up around 400. While that may seem daunting, Fortafy’s official Facebook page uses a score of 15 as a reasonable milestone- so aim for that.

How do you get a high score on color fill?

Color 6 Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

  1. Make Your Moves Count. Like with any famous puzzle game, Color 6 also challenges players to use as few moves as possible while progressing through the game.
  2. Don’t Let Split Ends Become A Pain.
  3. Combo Your Way To The Top.
  4. The Belt Is Your Friend And Your Enemy.

How much do color switches make?

Arcade game with good retention numbers can do about $200-$300k per one million installs (estimates based on my games). So Color Switch be able to earn something about $20m-$30m of gross revenue with their 100m installs.

How do you get a high score on 1010?

1010! Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

  1. Create Rows And Columns Alike.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid To Have Multiple Pieces On Your Board.
  3. Save At Least One Empty Spot For The 3 X 3 Square.
  4. Also Save Space For The 5 X 5 Square.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect.

What is the world record for 1010?

1010 Game – The highest score of the week: 164256. 🙂 Can you have a higher score?

Why was Colour switch removed?

As of December 22nd, the Color Switch app has been taken down by the former publisher because they are holding our game hostage. We’ve worked very hard to avoid this situation and we are very sorry to let you, our players, down. This is one of those times for Color Switch.

What is the highest 1010 score ever?

What is the highest score for Woody puzzle?

New record… 11443, up from about 7000. Fun game.

How do you win the game 1010?

Starting with the most obvious strategies first, and working toward the more difficult procedures …

  1. Focus on creating lines, not blocks.
  2. You’re trying to clear rows AND columns.
  3. Consider all three options before moving.
  4. Consider the *order* of all three options before moving.
  5. Always remove a line if you can.

What company made color switch?

Color Switch’s David Reichelt and Buildbox founder Trey Smith tell all. Buildbox, an accessible drag-and-drop game engine that requires no knowledge of coding, has spawned its first App Store-topping success in the form of Color Switch.

What happened to the Color app?

The application grouped photos based on a user’s friends so that he or she is more likely to see those that are more relevant. Following skepticism and rumors from Silicon Valley commentators, Color Labs stopped selling the app at the end of 2012.

What does the star mean in 1010?

1010! @1010Game. Collecting more stars will open doors for different fun themes! All you need to know is that every 100 points you get gives you one star!

What is the highest possible score in color switch?

The highest possible score in Color Switch is 999, and if you check the Game Center or Google Play, you will notice that there are quite a few who have scored this high.

How many downloads does color switch have?

With 200 million downloads and counting, Color Switch was the fastest game in the App Store history to reach 50 million downloads and was the #1 game in over 150 countries. With this new version of Color Switch we’re bringing you even more mini games, music, and very exciting new features not seen before.

What is color switch by Fortafy?

Color Switch was released in late 2015 for Android and iOS mobile platforms, and while there are many games with similar titles, we are referring to Color Switch by Fortafy Games. The goal here is to tap the ball carefully through each obstacle, and once you do that, your ball will switch color with power-ups.

How many modes are there in color switch trivia?

There’s 34 modes, over 2600 levels and 27 endless modes. Color Switch Trivia sounds fun! Email us at [email protected] anytime. Keep up to date with all things Color Switch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hope you enjoy the surprises we’ve been working on!