What is a DiNi level?

The Trimble® DiNi® Digital Level is a digital height measurement sensor from Trimble’s Integrated Surveying™ portfolio of products. The Trimble DiNi is a field-proven tool designed for any job site where fast and accurate height determination is required.

How do I download Trimble DiNi level?

Download the Trimble Optical Positioning Components software Go to the webpage “http://www.trimble.com/survey/Digital-Levels_ts.aspx” Click Downloads link Click Trimble DiNi link Click Trimble Optical Positioning Components (SNP Com – 64/32bit) Select SNP_Service_R4.

What is precise Levelling in surveying?

Precise levelling is a particularly accurate method of differential levelling which uses highly accurate levels and with a more rigorous observing procedure than general engineering levelling. A reduced level is the vertical distance between a survey point and the adopted level datum.

What is precise levelling in surveying?

What is trigonometric leveling?

It is an indirect method of levelling in which the difference of elevation of the points is determined from the observed vertical angles and the measured distances. It is commonly used in topographical work to find out the elevations of the top of buildings, chimneys, churches etc.

How do I use the Trimble Dini?

Use the Trimble DiNi for applications such as precise leveling of flat and sloping surfaces, establishing the vertical component of grade and ground profiles, subsidence monitoring, and establishing the vertical component of control networks.

What do you need for a Trimble battery charger?

Dual slot battery charger with power supply and cord for your Trimble optical instrument batteries (99511-30) and Trimble GNSS receiver batteries (89840-00 and 92670). Replacement power supply and regional specific power cord for the Trimble dual slot battery charger.

What are the rights of Trimble Navigation?

All rights reserved. Trimble, the Globe & Triangle logo and DiNi are trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited, registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Release Notice

Is the Trimble 360 prism compatible with all optical instruments?

Compatible with all optical instruments. The mainstay basic 360 prism, compatible with all Trimble instruments and GNSS receivers (excluding the Trimble R10) for Integrated Surveying. Contains case, traverse prism, prism base (with level and optical plummet), and tribrach (with no plummet).