What is a d16y?

The D16 is 1.6-liters four-cylinder D-series engine. The most mass production engine is the D16A. This engine is a ubiquitous engine for Civic model as well as the smaller D15B engine. The D16 engine is very similar to the D15.

How much HP does a D15B have?

5. D15B VTEC – the analog on injection D15B with VTEC, compression ratio now is 9.3, the power is 130 hp.

How much power can you get out of a D16?

With aftermarket pistons and rods, in stock sleeves, your looking at a safe limit of 350-400whp.

Does the d16y4 have VTEC?

The d16y4 is sohc non-vtec, probably similar to the US d16y7 I believe.

What cars came with a D15B?

The D15B engine This engine powered the top Honda Civic models; the EF6 & EF7 Civic/CRX Si. In 1989, Honda invented VTEC, implementing it first in the DA6 Integra RSi & XSi in April and followed by the EF8/EF9 CRX/Civic SiR towards the end of that year.

Is it worth Turboing ad series?

A turbo d-series is defintely worth it. I would do some research and piece together a kit though because you will save a lot of money and have a better kit all around than if you just bought a pre fab kit. Fuel management and tuning is the key.