What is a captive bead ring earring?

The captive bead or ball fits into a small opening in the circle of the ring. It uses the natural tensile or compressive strength of the metal the ring is made of, usually surgical stainless steel, niobium, or titanium, to hold the bead tightly in place.

How do you put a captive bead ring in your ear?

Use your hands to push the bead back into the ring, stopping once it clicks into place. You’ll need to steady the ring by holding one side of it with the index finger and thumb of one hand. Use the other hand to push the ball back into place. If properly inserted, the ball should spin with a little resistance.

How do you use a captive bead ring piercing?

Hold the ring steady with your free hand and push the captive bead into the open segment of the ring. The captive bead should pop into place. If the open segment is too narrow, you can use the ring opening pliers to expand it slightly.

Are captive beads interchangeable?

Natural/stone beads can vary slightly in size/color/shape/finish and may have minor imperfections. Because of the slight variations in size, each captive bead ring is custom fit to its bead and may not be interchangeable with others.

What is a CRV piercing?

GLOSSARY. CBR – Captive Bead Ring. CRV – curved barbell.

What is a tension captive ring?

Tension-Style Captive Rings When you push the ball into the ring, the pieces retract to allow the ball to fit in place. Once the ball’s been snapped in, the hidden springs on either side push the components towards the ball to hold it securely in place.

How do you size a captive bead ring?

To size a captive ring, two measurements are needed: the gauge size and the diameter of the ring. The gauge size is the thickness of the ring itself (the part that actually goes in your piercing), and the diameter is found by measuring across the widest part of the ring from one inside edge to the other.

How do you get a captive bead piercing out?

Carefully touch one end of the ring to the piercing hole and rotate the ring, being careful to allow it to slide through the piercing. This may take some practice and gentle prodding. Again, don’t force it. If you feel your captive bead ring catch or think it’s not going in the right direction, remove the ring and try again.

What is a captive bead ring?

What Is a Captive Bead Ring (CBR)? A captive bead ring (CBR), ball closure ring (BCR), captive hoop, or captive ball ring is a common example of body piercing jewelry. 1  lt consists of a hoop with a captive bead that can be inserted and removed to open and close the ring. How to Open a CBR Ring

How do you get the ball out of a piercing?

Grab the ball or bead with your free hand. Apply outward pressure on the pliers to expand the ring. Once the ball or bead is free, rotate the jewlery out of the piercing. If there is an issue of having enough clearance to remove the jewelry, expand the ring until there is enough.

Can you put a new CBR on an old CBR piercing?

If you bought the jewelry from a piercing studio and kept it in its package, it should be fine. Open the new CBR using the same method you did the last one. Place the ball somewhere clean that it will not roll away (a tray is preferred) while you insert the ring.