What is a capsuleer eve?

The Capsuleer – which you are in the game – is the result of the merger of these technologies. Cloning is the creation of a rapidly grown genetic copy of you, copying your brain patterns and writing them into that clone.

How do you become a Capsuleer?

Once a candidate makes it through the entire five years of mental and physical hardship and exertion, he is ready to face the final test: in order to gain his certification and become a full-fledged capsuleer, he must submit to voluntary euthanasia, give up the body he was born in, and clone into a new version of …

Does Eve Online have a story?

It does have a core story and according to the game, it defines the EVE Online as a 7,000 star systems. There are exploration missions, battles, empires, and economic warfare. Each a user logs in to the game the universe is different because of the constant action going on by other players.

How do you travel in EVE Online?

System Travel – Warping

  1. clicking and holding on the target object, then selecting “Warp To..”
  2. clicking on the object, then clicking on the warp button within the “Selected Items” window:
  3. right clicking an object in space or within the overview, then selecting “Warp To” from the right click menu:

What does CCP Games stand for?

Crowd Control Productions
The name “CCP” is short for “Crowd Control Productions”. To finance the initial development of Eve Online, CCP Games developed and published a board game, called Hættuspil (“Danger Game”).

How fast is warp in EVE Online?

Note that the sub warp speed of the ship is fixed at 200 m/s. This is because the CCP-produced tables assume that every ship drops out of warp at 100 m/s.

What skills affect Align time Eve?

The align time of a ship is based on the ship’s inherent mass and agility and bonuses to agility and inertia from skills, modules, rigs and implants.