What is a British Airways gold upgrade voucher?

Gold Upgrade vouchers allow you to upgrade your chosen cash or Avios booking to the next cabin on British Airways operated flights. Since the voucher counts per booking, you will be upgraded on both the outbound and inbound flights if you book a return fare.

How do I use my BA Gold upgrade voucher?

Gold Upgrade vouchers cannot be redeemed at the airport. When a Member books Gold Upgrade vouchers direct with British Airways the Member must pay for the ticket, but is permitted to give the ticket and upgrade to someone else. When a Member books through a travel agent, the Member must also travel on the itinerary.

How many guests can you have on a BA Gold Card?

British Airways has announced that Gold Guest List members (see this article for how you get to become Gold Guest List) can permanently bring five guests into a lounge.

Is BA Gold status extended?

From today, our Silver and Gold Members can enjoy more from our award-winning lounges.” On top of this Tier extension, in February, British Airways announced a six-month extension to all Executive Club vouchers, due to expire before 31 December 2021.

What is BA Gold guest list?

To achieve British Airways Gold Guest List status, you need to fulfill the Gold requirements in addition to earning 5000 tier points in a given membership year. To remain part of Gold Guest List you must earn at least 3000 tier points in subsequent membership years.

Can I transfer BA Avios to someone else?

Can I transfer my Avios to someone else’s account? Avios are non-transferable and cannot be moved to an account in another name. However, you can use your Avios to make bookings for family or friends.

What are the benefits of BA Gold?


  • First class check in and boarding.
  • Free seat selection at booking*.
  • Access to First lounges.
  • Extra baggage allowance*.
  • Additional reward flight availability.
  • 100% bonus Avios.
  • Collect Tier Points.
  • Save details and preferences.

How do I get gold with BA?

Earning Status

  1. For Bronze, either fly BA twice and earn 300 Tier Points, or take 25 BA flights.
  2. To get Silver, either fly BA four times and earn 600 Tier Points or take 50 BA flights.
  3. To reach Gold, fly BA four times and earn 1,500 Tier Points.

Can BA Gold use first class check in?

Your Gold membership opens up access to worldwide first class check-in desks and priority boarding — whatever cabin you’re flying in, giving you more time to relax before your flight.

How do I become a Gold member with British Airways?

Earning Status To get Silver, either fly BA four times and earn 600 Tier Points or take 50 BA flights. To reach Gold, fly BA four times and earn 1,500 Tier Points.

How many British Airways Gold Upgrade vouchers can I earn?

At 2,500 Tier Points, you’ll earn one Gold Upgrade Voucher for two (generally referred to as GUF2). And at 3,500 Tier Points, you’ll earn two Gold Upgrade Vouchers for one (known as GUF1). How specifically can British Airways Gold Upgrade Vouchers be used? British Airways recently changed the rules of when and how GUFs can be used.

How do I earn more than 2 Gold Upgrade vouchers?

Once a Gold Executive Club Member earns 3,500 Tier Points, they will earn 2 Gold Upgrade for one vouchers. The Gold card holder can use these for themselves or to travel with a companion.

Can I upgrade my Ba ticket to guf2?

The BA call centre can process your GUF2 upgrade if either: Cash tickets are still available in the cheapest selling ‘bucket’, which is ‘A’ for First Class, ‘I’ for Club World and ‘T’ for World Traveller Plus This was a major improvement to how GUF2 voucehrs could be used.

What are the thresholds for British Airways’ gold status?

These include the various Gold Upgrade vouchers. Once you attain British Airways Gold status at 1,500 tier points, there are further thresholds with extra treats: At 5,000 tier points you become a Gold Guest List member – I explain Gold Guest List here.