What happens in the season 6 finale of Dexter?

Debra tells Dexter he must return to the abandoned church to wrap up forensics. Travis sees that the police have found his hideout, so he retreats to Dexter’s apartment. Realizing that Harrison is Dexter’s son, Travis decides to use the boy as his sacrificial lamb in his final act to bring about the end of the world.

What happened at the end of TWD world beyond?

A series-ending montage showed us Hope working with dad Leo (Joe Holt) to come up with a cure for the zombie plague, Iris and Elton arriving in Portland to warn them of the nefarious Civic Republic Military, and Silas becoming a (possibly undercover?) soldier for the CRM. Not everyone made it that far.

What happened to Elton on world beyond?

She has a heartfelt goodbye with her father and sister (they flip each other off as a callback to the first episode), and then she leaves along with a recently awoken Elton — who survived having his arm amputated — and Asha.

Is Deb alive in Dexter: New Blood?

Unfortunately, Deb is still dead in New Blood. Similar to how Dexter would see visions of his late father Harry in the original series, he sees visions of Deb in the revival. Dexter is able to interact with his late sister, although she’s a figment of his imagination.

Why was Rita killed off in Dexter?

The writers felt that dexter needed a more dark passenger side to him and decided that having Rita negated that idea. So they killed her.

What happens to Travis on Dexter?

The case is officially closed because Travis Marshall’s burned corpse was discovered by the police. He is believed to have committed suicide in frustration of the world not ending. In reality, Dexter killed him and staged his death as a suicide.

Is world beyond over?

After two seasons, The Walking Dead: World Beyond is in the books. But don’t worry, the spinoff wasn’t canceled in an untimely manner… The two seasons was always part of the plan.

Where did the walkers come from?

An airborne virus In the first season of The Walking Dead, we learned that every human on Earth has the virus lying dormant in their system, ready to turn them into a walker the moment they die. Some have taken this to mean that all of humanity was infected simultaneously, possibly through an airborne contaminant.

Does Hope tell Elton about his mom?

Hope shot Elton’s mom When fans thought it couldn’t get any worse than Hope as a child shooting a pregnant woman, the show reveals one of it’s biggest whammies yet. It turns out that the woman Hope murdered was actually Elton’s own mother.

How are hope and Iris sisters?

She is the adoptive sister of Hope and daughter of Kari and Leopold Bennett. She is also a former resident of the Campus Colony of Omaha, one of three cities part of the Alliance of the Three.

Was ‘Dexter’s’ series finale really that bad?

The rumored leaks were wrong about the ending. That’s the good news. The series finale was the best Dexter episode in years. That’s the great news. It was also one of the strangest episodes in the show’s history. Sunday’s hour was grounded, sober, heart-felt, intense and focused. There were no irrelevant subplots.

What are the main conflicts in Dexter?

The majority of the show’s conflicts revolve around Dexter’s attempts to pass as an upstanding family man despite his murderous cravings, and keeping his bloodlust a secret from his girlfriend (and future wife), Rita, and his sister, Deb, a police officer.

Does Dexter have to kill Debra?

The main idea was Dexter is forced to kill Debra. And there are many ways that could happen. But those final scenes were pretty much unchanged. SARA COLLETON: From the very beginning the paradox was here’s a guy who doesn’t feel he’s a human being, who has to fake it.

Is Dexter still a sympathetic hero?

The past few seasons it’s felt like the writers still think Dexter is a sympathetic hero whose needs are more important than any other character’s despite the innocent people who have died along the way to support his addiction.