What happened to McClatchy newspapers?

In 2006, it purchased Knight Ridder, which at the time was the second-largest newspaper company in the United States (Gannett was, and remains, the largest). In July 2020, Chatham Asset Management, a hedge fund, won the auction to buy McClatchy for US$ 312 million.

What is Tribune news?

TCA’s news service, Tribune News Service, offers breaking news, lifestyle and entertainment stories, sports and business articles, commentary, photos, graphics and illustrations. Tribune SmartContent is an information service filtered to provide targeted content.

Is TCA Regional News a newspaper?

Electronic resource type: Newspaper.

Who owns McClatchy news?

Chatham Asset Management
McClatchy’s new hedge fund owner followed a similar path with two other media holdings. Chatham Asset Management, which took control of McClatchy Co. on Friday, followed a familiar path to ownership of the nation’s second-largest local news company.

What does Tribune media do?

Tribune Media combines quality content with powerful distribution and digital properties, including: Tribune Broadcasting, WGN America, Tribune Studios, Tribune Digital Ventures, WGN Radio in Chicago, and Tribune Real Estate.

Who owns Tribune Broadcasting?

Tribune MediaTribune Broadcasting / Parent organization

On May 8, 2017, Sinclair Broadcast Group officially announced its intent to acquire Tribune Media. The transaction would have been a cash-and-stock deal valuing the company at $3.9 billion.

Who bought the McClatchy company?

Is McClatchy a public company?

Under the deal, McClatchy, a publicly traded company, would go private. Chatham, which is the principal owner of American Media, the parent company of The National Enquirer, became a large McClatchy shareholder and assumed much of the company’s debt in 2018.

Is the Sacramento Bee a good newspaper?

The Sacramento Bee is a good newspaper – good local, national and international news.

Who owns the Tribune Company?

Nexstar Media GroupTribune Media / Parent organization