What happened Peter Ebdon?

Ebdon announced his retirement from the sport on 30 April 2020. He cited a neck injury as the reason he was retiring after 29 seasons as a professional.

Did O’Sullivan win his match?

Ronnie O’Sullivan was far from his best in the afternoon, but produced brilliance in the evening to beat Neil Robertson and claim the 2021 World Grand Prix final.

Where is Peter Ebdon from?

Islington, London, United Kingdom
Peter Ebdon/Place of birth

Has Steve Davis any family?

Judith Davis
Greg DavisJean DavisBill DavisJack Davis
Steve Davis/Family

Did Ronnie O’Sullivan win last night?

Ronnie O’Sullivan beats Michael Georgiou 4-0!

Who is Peter Ebdon married to?

Nora Ebdonm. 2010
Deborah Ebdonm.?–2009
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How old is ex snooker player Steve Davis?

Steve Davis Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 22, 1957 (64 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Snooker player, Pool Player
Nationality: United Kingdom

Who won the Scottish Open 2020?

World No 1 Mark Selby won the 2019 and 2020 Scottish Open but he has crashed out at the last-16 stage this time around after he was beaten 4-3 by World No 16 Anthony McGill. Stream the Scottish Open live and on-demand on discovery+.

Was Peter Ebdon’s 2005 Slow break the worst in snooker history?

Peter Ebdon deserves a memorial award at the World Championship for the “best worst slow break” in snooker history, according to Ronnie O’Sullivan. Ronnie O’Sullivan and Peter Ebdon during their infamous clash in 2005.

What happened between Peter Ebdon and Ronnie O’Sullivan?

Ronnie O’Sullivan and Peter Ebdon during their infamous clash in 2005. Ebdon ended his 29-year career due to a serious neck injury in April, but enjoyed some glorious success in the sport, most notably his 18-17 win over Stephen Hendry in the 2002 World Championship final.

Is Peter Ebdon the world’s slowest ever break?

O’Sullivan can see the funny side when he remembers the infamous contest that included a 12 break in the 19th frame that took Ebdon over five minutes and 30 seconds to compile – slower than the Essex player’s world record 147 break of five minutes and eight seconds in 1997. “I think Peter holds the record for the world’s slowest break.