What happened in Idlib Syria?

(Beirut) – The Syrian-Russian military alliance fired at least 14 large-caliber artillery shells into the town of Ariha in Idlib governorate on October 20, 2021, killing 12 civilians and injuring 24, Human Rights Watch said today.

What is the war in Idlib about?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Battle of Idlib (“Operation to Free Idlib”) was a military operation in the Idlib Governorate, during the Syrian Civil War, conducted by rebels against Syrian government forces defending Idlib city.

What happened to the city of Aleppo in 2015?

In September 2015, the rebels accused the YPG of having a deal with the government, while the YPG accused the rebels of shelling the neighborhood. Between November and December 2015, the conflict between the rebels and US-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the rest of Aleppo province escalated.

Who controls Idlib today?

Further West the province of Idlib remains another bastion of the rebellion against the Assad regime. But over half of Idlib is now controlled by a coalition of jihadi groups, many with strong links to Al Qaeda.

Who owns Idlib now?

Reports of its area vary, depending on the source, from 5,933 km2 to 6,097 km2. The provincial capital is Idlib. In 2011, the governorate was taken over by Syrian rebel militias in the context of the Syrian civil war.

Who controls Idlib Syria?

As of August 2018, following the end of the Siege of al-Fu’ah and Kafriya, which had been government-held until July 2018, the governorate is almost entirely under the control of the Syrian rebels (primarily the National Front for Liberation, which has over 50,000 fighters) along with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, with …

Who bombed Aleppo in 2015?

Russian-Syrian coalition
The Russian-Syrian coalition resumed aerial bombardment of eastern Aleppo on November 17. Local residents, media activists, and medical personnel told Human Rights Watch that the month-long bombardment was the most intense since the start of the conflict. One local journalist said: “Those were bloody days.

Is Idlib still held by rebels?

The provincial capital is Idlib. In 2011, the governorate was taken over by Syrian rebel militias in the context of the Syrian civil war. In 2017, the governorate came under the nominal control of the Syrian Salvation Government, with Tahrir al-Sham becoming the dominant militia in the region.

How many people are in Idlib?

For the 3.4 million civilians in Idlib—over 2 million of them displaced from elsewhere in Syria—this would be a disaster. Approximately 75 percent of the population in northwest Syria is dependent on U.N. aid to meet their needs; around 85 percent of that aid comes through this border crossing.

Why did Aleppo get bombed?

According to a US State Department official, there were indications the Syrian government solely conducted the bombing of the hospital. The Guardian reported that the attack was “part of a broader pattern of systematic targeting of hospitals by the government of Bashar al-Assad”.