What film goes with Polaroid 300?

PIF300 Film is a perfect match for the Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Camera as well as most Fujifilm Instax Mini models.

What is the difference between Instax and Polaroid?

Modern Polaroid cameras use one unique film size, while Instax offers three different sizes (mini, wide and square). The square version of Instax is a little smaller than the standard Polaroid, while the wide version of Instax is about the same in surface area as a standard Polaroid.

Can I use other film in Instax Mini?

Instax Mini instant film works the same as the other instax instant films (including polaroid instant film).

What is the Polaroid 300 instant camera?

The new Polaroid 300 Instant Camera has everything you loved about instant photography back in a fun and one-of-a-kind Polaroid way. With four lighting settings and an auto-flash, your photos will be perfect every time. and it takes business card size instant color photos. It works with the Polaroid 300 Instant Film.

How do I set the exposure mode of the Polaroid 300?

Unlike the modern Mini 11, the exposure mode of the Polaroid 300 still has to be set manually. The camera has 4 modes for this purpose: The respective mode is set via a rotary switch on the top of the camera. The optical viewfinder is located on the right side of the Mini 7S, as is the shutter release button.

What film is compatible with Polaroid MiNT Camera?

Polaroid 2×3ʺ Premium Zink Photo Paper (30 Pack) Compatible with Polaroid Mint Camera, Snap/Snap Touch Instant Print Cameras & Polaroid Mint and Zip Photo Printers. Fujifilm Instax Mini 100 Film for Fuji 7S 8 25 50S 90 300 Instant Camera, Share SP-1 White, Pack of 5

Is the Polaroid pic-300 the same as the Instax Mini 7s?

Except for the brand name, the Polaroid PIC-300 is technically identical to the Instax Mini 7S. The camera is switched on via the extendable lens, and when it is locked in place, the camera is ready for use.