What does WABC mean?

WABC means TV-7, AM-770, New York City, New York. This acronym/slang usually belongs to Common / Miscellaneous / Community category.

What is the local Weather Channel?

The Local AccuWeather Channel. The Local AccuWeather Channel is a 24-hour, weather-oriented, commercially-sponsored broadcast/cable TV network O&O by AccuWeather, Inc., which is headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania.

Is it going to rain?

“It’s going to rain” typically implies that it will happen sooner. Ex: “It’s going to rain this afternoon.”. “It will rain” is used more often for the farther future, such as “It will rain the whole summer.”. However, “It’s going to rain” is used in common speech much more often, even for the distant future, as it’s less formal.